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  1. @Josie Thank You! I will let me Travel Agent know tomorrow and get her to get on it because I have not heard from either Angelica or Ana and I even emailed Ana personally to let her know that I was having a hard time getting a hold of Angelica. We are just 3 weeks out and I am getting a lil nervous!
  2. @Josie - I had Ana in the beginning and then got switched to Angelica...it has been terrible since then. How did you get Ana back?
  3. @beachbride5555 I am pretty certain in planning a destination wedding every bride has to feel some sort of disorder...especially because communication with your planner is not always at the snap of your fingers! (at least that is what I am experiencing at the moment" We do not have any outside wedding services set up as we are bring our photographer(s) with us and also have set up an account on "wedding snap" in which we have placed instructions for all of our guest to download their pictures so we have A LOT of candids to choose from. My fiance is a music junky so he has already arranged the play list for the entire night and our "DJ" (one of his best friends) is coming along for the trip We are not using additional decorations - just flowers like you! I am being very brave and I having my hair and makeup done there, only because in the event I do not like it...I have prepared myself to do it! Unfortunately one of my friends who was originally planning on doing it had to back out last minute! yikes! I am still trying to set up the welcome dinner with Angelica and we have not nailed down a time to meet when we arrive...it is so close...I am starting to get a lil anxious!! To all the other brides out there - how much of your planning was finally tied together once you arrived? I feel like there is still so much to communicate with Ana and Angleica! Does a lot of that get covered once you arrive?! Good luck to all the brides getting married these next few weeks! Of course let us know how it goes!!
  4. @beachbride5555 I get married at 4:30 pm then have a cocktail hour after the wedding followed by our reception being held at the Petit Creperie! We are also having a beach ceremony! We have about 50 people coming Are you having a welcome lunch or a rehearsal dinner? I'm sure our paths may cross when we are there! How is planning coming along? I am working with both Ana and Angelica - communication has been hit and miss Lets keep in touch!!
  5. @ Andrea28 and @TriSportBride Good luck to you two! I will be arriving there December 3rd and getting married on the 5th! Let me know how it goes for you please!!
  6. Hello everyone! My wedding is just 2 months away and Ana and Angelica have been so helpful! We have booked the paradise package and have about 50 people attending. I have heard mixed reviews about bringing your own decorations and centerpieces etc. Can someone help me out on this? Also, does OCT provide the knife to cut the cake, toasting glasses etc. If you could recommend one thing for my wedding day based on your personal experience, what would it be?! Counting down the days...