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  1. Hey ladies! If you pay the photographer in cash you do not have to pay the tax. Saved us like 400 bucks! Good luck! Suzanne
  2. Congratulations! i worked with natalia and Mariela. Both are amazing! I agree their cake was amazing. Probably the best cake we ever had! Suzanne
  3. Hello Again Brides. For some reason my pics were not attached properly so they were not visible to everyone. Hope you enjoy! I'm sad that our wedding is all over... Such an amazing day. Suzanne
  4. Thanks so much Ev. I'm so glad you could view the pictures. For some reason not everyone can open the attachments. I'm going to repost them for the other brides. Have a wonderful wedding! Suzanne
  5. Hi Fellow Brides: Brian and I got married on Sunday, May 19th at the Paradisus Palma Real " Reserve." It was truly amazing! We had a Garden Gazebo Ceremony (4:00 p.m.), Beach Terrace Cocktail Hour (5:00 p.m.) and Beach Reception (6:00 p.m.). The locations and timing was perfect. We had great weather. We were expecting really hot and humid and it wasn't at all. There was a great breeze the entire time so we really lucked out. I had a bit of an issue attaching photos... but was finally able to post each one individually. See picture attached! Suzanne and Brian (New Jersey Bride) Hope you enjoyed our pictures. We loved our photographer provided by the hotel. I always forget the spelling, but its something like Arrecife. Amazing work! Good luck Brides!
  6. Hello girls! I got back Thursday night from my wedding and I can't say enough about what an amazing experience and beautiful wedding day that we had! The resort was beautiful, food was great, service was amazing!!! We stayed at the reserve and had a swim up room. I had my hair done for our Sunday wedding. A low messy bun and the hair dresser did a great job. I did my own makeup. We used arrceffe photographer and specifically had Alvarro as our photographer. He was the best photographer ever! His pictures exceeded all of our expectations and was wonderful to work with. We worked closely with Mariella and Natalia and they made sure everything was perfect. I almost missed them once our wedding was over. Such sweet ladies! Needless to say we had the wedding and trip of our dreams. I will post pictures by next week. Have no fear ladies, the paradisus Palma real delivers! Happy to answer specific questions! Suzanne (nj)
  7. Thanks for all ur comments girls. We leave tomorrow and I will definitely report back. Just curious... What does everyone think about tipping the dj, photographer, and wedding coordinator? We were assigned Mariella. My fiancé doesn't want to tip bc we've already paid alot but I definitely think that we need to tip Mariella at least. How much u all thinking if any? Suzanne
  8. Hello Brides! I am leaving for punta Cana on Thursday morning! Our wedding is next Sunday and anxiety is setting in..... We were finally able to confirm our rehearsal dinner for 30 people at Bano Bistro restaurant. It's the hibachi style and the only restaurant that could accommodate the size of our group that wasn't Buffett. We still have a ton left to do including placecards, menus, and welcome itineraries. Excited and nervous!!! Suzanne (nj bride)
  9. Hi fellow Brides! Our wedding date is less than two weeks away ... And I thought I'd share my most recent catastrophy. I completely forgot to pick up our marriage license on friday and we are supposed to have our legal ceremony tomorrow (sunday) in front of our parents....we spent last night at our local police station trying to track down the county clerk to see if we can somehow get it on sat (today) even though the office is closed. What a stressful night!! Our parents were really upset which didn't help. We finally heard back from the county clerk and she said we could pick it up Monday and just have the judge sign it on Monday and date it with Sundays date..., I guess it's a solution but not ideal. So my advice is to NOT forget to pick up ur license. Ahhhh! Suzanne
  10. Good luck this weekend Erica! Send pics when u get back! I am just 3 weeks away and started to really feel stressed! Suzanne
  11. I am having the Dominican trio for the cocktail hour. Suzanne
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