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  1. Hi Tininha, If you go to some of the earlier post, you can read some of the bride's comments about their hair experiences and the Spa. They basically did not have good things to say. As for bringing anyone in from the outside, you have to pay a $80 day pass fee for a hairdresser or make-up artist. Hope that helps. Lena
  2. Thanks for the input. I truly don't understand why they are charging to put up the center pieces now. Especially since brides that just had their weddings it seems didn't have to pay. I'm going to ask if this is a new charge?
  3. One more question, Loraine told me it would cost $200 for someone to put my center pieces on the table. Did anyone else encounter this? I told her I'm not paying this and I'll figure out how to put it on there myself. That is ridiculous!
  4. Thanks Kristin. I contacted Loraine and she said since my reception is at the Poseidon, it's really close to the Gazebo so no one has to worry about the golf cart problem. My photographer is Jamaican. I'm using Merrick Cousley. I was wondering and this question is for you and another other brides that already had their weddings. My fiancé' and I are trying to decide whether we need to get the extra lighting from the DJ. I know it looks nice, but is it necessary. How nice was the lighting even though your reception was at the Blue Lagoon? And if any Bride had their reception at the Poseidon I would love to hear your input! Thanks, Lena
  5. Your review was great kmonty. My wedding is August 17 and you answered a lot of my questions. I do have a few for you though. I have an outside photographer coming to us so I'm not worried about that but would you suggest anything since the girls are getting ready in my room. I also wonder if you suggest anything about the golf cart situation after you finished taking pictures. Can you talk to the wedding coordinator before the wedding so the golf cart will be available? I was also wondering about the same question as Danielle about how sunny it is at the Gazebo since that is where my ceremony will be. Thanks, Lena
  6. Thanks so much. That's makes me feel a lot better. The days are counting down :-) I can't wait!
  7. I was finally assigned my wedding coordinator. Only a month and a half to go before my wedding, but at least they didn't forget (but I think the email that I sent also helped). I got Loraine. Hope she's good :-)
  8. Hi Amanda, That helped a lot. I'll ask email Omeshia and ask her. Thanks a lot and Great review! Lena
  9. Hi Amanda, I saw you wrote that on your itinerary you were having a wedding rehearsal. Were you able to do that? I wasn't sure if that was possible. Also when did your wedding coordinator get in touch with you? I'm getting married in less than 2 months and Omeshia has answered questions for me, but she said a wedding coordinator has to be assigned to me. Thanks
  10. Hi Backy, Being less than 2 months away now and all our RSVPs are in, I can say I never want to go through that experience again. Good luck in trying to get people to give you a solid answer that far in advance. We tried that and it didn't work. We also thought we were having a very small intimate wedding around 20-25 people since no one was contacting us. Two days before the RSVPs were due, we received 20 more confirmations. We are now 40 strong staying at the resort and 10 staying outside the resort. Have fun!!!!
  11. Hi guys, So I just confirmed this with my WC. They charge $80 each for a make up artist and assistant (by the way, if you use Rashel Edwards trying to say she's a guest won't work because she's too well known). If you use an outside DJ or photographer, they charge $300 each per vendor basically because you went outside the resort instead of using their own. Basically if you think about it, the DJ is just making his money back for not being used since his cost is $300 for 3 hrs. I think it's outrageous, but I refused to use True Colors and I want my own DJ, so I guess I'm paying $760 (makeup plus DJ and photographer, insane!)
  12. I just ordered my real touch flowers from timelessweddingimpressions.com. I ordered 2 large bridesmaid bouquet, 2 smaller bridesmaid bouquets, 1 nosegay, and 3 boutonnieres for around $365. The flower consultant that is going to do your order contacts you personally to review your order and before she sends it out, she will send you a picture to make sure it's what you wanted. They said to allow 12 weeks, but if you contact them before you place your order the consultant can tell you based on your order how long it will actually take. They got great reviews.
  13. Thank you for the information. As a person who writes and signs many petitions trying to save our animals, as beautiful as the lanterns are, I can not consciously do something else that is going to harm our animals. I will think of something else that will be fun!
  14. Thanks for the information. I realized there was a vendor fee, but I didn't realize it was per person. This is going to be very expensive especially when you think about the photographer, DJ, and Rashel and her assistant. That is $320 dollars. I don't wear make-up at all unless i'm doing something special (maybe once a month, if that) so I was worried about that.
  15. Sorry, I phrased that wrong. I meant did you have to pay $80 per each vendor meaning if you have a DJ, Rashel, etc. They can't work out a deal? If you aren't sure, how about other brides who also dealt with this.
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