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  1. You can change as long as the other places are not taken, and the resort always give you a 2nd. option in case of rain. Write an email to you coordinator, and you will be able to move it earlier, also save some time for the pictures! The reception can be up to 10pm.
  2. Hi girls, I am back from my wedding. Everything was excellent, I just posted a review in Resort Reviews for NOW Larimar! Let me know if you have any questions!! Happy planning!
  3. 14 days and counting for my religious ceremony! and just 3 days for my civil wedding! Yayyyyyy!!!!
  4. Hi Kristina! My wedding is one day before yours! We are travelling from the 13th to the 20th April! Everything ready so far.....starting to get anxious!
  5. @Donna , thanks for all the tips! Was the resort club nice? Fun? Until what time at night the open?
  6. @ Donna! Congrats on your wedding! I'll be waiting more pics to come! How much did you have to pay for the bridal party? Did you have a bachelorette party at the resort? Any activities you recommend for the guest to take in PC?
  7. So where are the brides that just married? We are awaiting pics and reviews!!
  8. I haven't got the email yet, and I did not tell my coordinator about HDC, but I have the written confirmation that I paid to him on Jan, 2013. I hope this is enough! I'm so mad at this point now!
  9. I already e-mailed them complaining....this is so unfair to the brides. Let's see if I get any response.
  10. Hi All!!! I just confirmed with my WC (Francina) that Now Larimar has just released that policy. I already booked with HDC, I think we should make a formal claim to the resort for all the brides that already booked with an outside photographer. What do you think? We can send an email copying all the involved brides.
  11. Who is your WC? I already made my deposit to HDC for my April Wedding
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