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  1. Joanne, Welcome! I am getting married May 16, 2013! Do you have a date yet?
  2. I emailed this address too....just received a response back saying it was too early to book for May. They asked me to email back 2 weeks prior to our arrival.
  3. I emailed pramx3@bahia-principe.com yesterday to request 2 dinner reservations. berg5080, would you mind posting if you hear back from them? thanks!
  4. Update! We ordered these ties from bows-n-ties and I am sooo happy with them! Shipping took less than 1 week and they match perfectly! YAY!
  5. I have a few more questions about the poolside reception; Do most people take their centrepieces from dinner outside to the poolside? Is there a server and a bartender or just a bar/ bartender? I have read on here before that sometimes if you go with the 'basic' bar,(beer, wine, pina coladas) they will upgrade you to the better one (if you tip). My fiance's family is from Trinidad, and like their RUM! I don't want to pay extra for the hard alcohol if we can get it with just a few tips....does it depend on the bartender? Any advice would be appreciated! Does anyone know if they
  6. TIseege, When the resort does the 'standard' white fabric wrapping, is it just 2 posts, or 4 posts? Or does it also include the top of the huppah? I haven't seen many pics with fabric on the top...( other than your beautiful pics, and a few others). thanks!
  7. Hi Crystal! Welcome! I am also in Vancouver, getting married at the Akumal Beach site and staying at the Coba! I can't really help with most your questions, but I am sure someone will be able to! I am also going to bring material down. I read on an earlier post that someone brought down 10 yards of fabric. That is what I am planning to do. Hopefully you get some answers!
  8. I wore a 'firecracker' bm dress when I was a MOH a couple years ago....it looked great on everyone and we received lots of compliments!
  9. I am sorry that you got that bad news...but... I agree with DinaQtobe, I also have 3 bridesmaids and Aaron has 2 groomsmen confirmed (3rd will know in Feb if he can make it or not). I think its more important to have the people you want around you on the big day, not to make the pictures look ' balanced'. Plus...a good photographer can come up with ideas to make the group shots look great! And...one lucky groomsmen will get to walk up the aisle with 2 beautiful ladies...those pics will be cute too!
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