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  1. Steitzer23, We gave our guests mugs in their OOT bags from discount mugs as well, and they were great! Remember to confirm that the ones you are ordering don't say "made in china" on them, or they will be confiscated at the border (if you get searched). Cheers, Koren
  2. Nov2013maya, I would highly recommend using Del Sol Photography! We used them and they were awesome! One of the big perks is that you can purchase prints from them, or print them yourself when you get home -- they courier you a thumb drive with all of your photos on it. Cheers, Koren
  3. Hi Nov2013maya, I used the hair and make-up services, both of which were provided by a gentleman named Fran who was fabulous! I showed him some photographs of what I wanted for my hair (on a computer so I could zoom in) and he did it perfectly. My only suggestion is to advise that you'd like your makeup to look natural. Someone posted that suggestion on this board before I was married, and it was great advice! I wanted a little bit of eye makeup with red lips, and Fran wanted to put black eye-liner on the upper and lower lids as well (to him I guess that was natural). He was really easy to communicate with though, and was happy to oblige and refrain from putting too much on. I would recommend using the spa services. Good luck! Koren
  4. Mrs Shoreytobe, When I read your post I was picturing the dancefloor up in the seating area in addition to your other tables. On second thought, you could probably fit it there, but it means that your guests' tables would be further away from you. I'm not sure if you've seen the layout to the Chill Out, but typically there are a couple of tables near the headtable, and then if you require them, additional tables are placed in the attached gazebo-like decks off the main deck. Sorry for any confusion! Cheers, Koren
  5. Mrs. Shoreytobe, The dancefloor will not fit where the tables & chairs are located in the Chillout - what they did for us was set it up in front of the club. You probably can't see it in our photos because of the angles they are taken on, but if you check out the photo of the front of the Chill Out you can get an idea of how it might look (and they actually dug into the sand so that the dancefloor was level with the ground - which I loved). Additional, more casual seating was provided around the dancefloor for those who needed a break. I read through the other posts and noticed that you are considering the Sunset Gazebo. It is definitely more private than the Grand Riviera Gazebo and an added bonus, if you book the Chill Out, is that it is actually located right next door. Kind Regards, Koren
  6. Hi Mrs. Shoreytobe, Thanks - we're loving the pics! 40 to 50 people can definitely fit! We had 55 people at our wedding. While we had quite a few people standing, I'm sure there would have been room for all of them. There was room for another row in the back and a couple of our seats were empty. Cheers, Koren
  7. Hi There, We just received the first glimpse of our photos, some of which include pictures of the Chill Out lounge. I would highly recommend the chill out package - the venue, the food, the ambiance -- everything about it was wonderful -- and worth the price. If you'd like to take a look, our slideshow is up on the photographers' website: http://delsolphotography.com/riviera-maya-wedding-grand-sunset-princess-kc-05082013/ And on that note, if anyone is looking for a photographer, Del Sol was amazing to work with. They have a number of talented photographers, and we went with Juan. He was absolutely fantastic! Best of luck with your planning! Koren
  8. Hi Melskoz, I'm getting married on April 3rd, and we decided to use Del Sol Photography. You should check out their webiste - they're amazing. Have a wonderful wedding! Koren
  9. Hi Lurker, Would you mind sending the photos you have of the Chill Out Lounge? The email address is korenandcletus@gmail.com . Many thanks! Koren
  10. Hi Brandie, Thank you for offering to send pictures of the chill out reception! I would love to see them! Our wedding address is korenandcletus@gmail.com . Thanks again and happy holidays! Koren
  11. Hi there L, My fiance and I have the GSP booked for April 2013 as well. How is your planning going? I feel like I should be doing more at this point... Cheers, Koren
  12. Hi SuperJdub, My fiance and I have the chillout party booked for our April 2013 wedding. Would you mind sending me pics of your wedding/reception? I'd love to have a better idea of what to expect. Our wedding email address is korenandcletus@gmail.com . Thank you in advance and thanks so much for your thoughtful review! Koren
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