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  1. Also, it is just came into my mind, I have to mention that we hired Romantic Yucatecan trio and DJ from resort. We loved both! Sound system wouldn't make this effect. DJ had a bubble machine and used it few times helping our photographer to take amazing pictures! I wanted to have harpist for the ceremony, and now I regret that I cancelled it trying to save money... Everybody who participate in wedding there are professionals. I loved everything what they did.
  2. Hi Ladies! I had my wedding at El Dorado Royale almost two months ago. And now, finally, I feel that I am ready to share some of my emotions:) First of all, I would like to thank you all for your good advices and tons of useful information!!! THIS IS SUCH A GREAT THREAD!!! I can't say that everything in El Dorado Royale worked out for me. I can't say that I had exactly "my dream wedding" there... I guess this was just the way it meant to be))) The day of my wedding happened to be the one of the "tropical depression" days, and it was raining like a crazy. In my country people saying that rain on wedding day is for good luck, but on my wedding day it didn't make me feel any better))) It started raining the day before so I had enough time to freak out and calm down like 100 times))) We had to move our ceremony to different location. The back up locations that they offered to us we didn't like at all, so we decided to move our ceremony and reception to one place - Tucanes bar. Wedding coordinators in El Dorado - the sweetest people and they tried to help us as much as they could. They did really a great job. At the end we had the funniest ceremony and really great reception. Wedding coordinators decorated everything beautifully and were at my wedding almost until the end of the reception. All my guests had a blast. We were dancing like a crazy))) By the end of reception, best man and father of the groom jumped into the pool )) Right after the ceremony, the rain stopped, and we had beautiful weather until the end of our honeymoon there. I am really blessed to have such a good friends and relatives that were able to have fun and enjoy 100% our celebration despite the weather condition. Some of them came just for 3 days and 2 of these days they had to stay in their rooms(( Besides the weather, the thing that made me really upset was our welcome dinner. Grrrrr... It was horrible. I don't know guys, maybe I expect too much, but I think that welcome dinner is one of the important parts of the wedding celebration. This suppose to be like " ice breaker". I think that the main idea is to introduce guests to each other and make them feel more comfortable... Our welcome dinner was the day before wedding. This was when most of my guests arrived and, as I told you, it was pouring out. So many of my guests were not in a good mood cause they felt bad for me and for themselves as well. We really hoped that welcome dinner would help people to relax and mucho tequila would help them to relax.. We had our welcome dinner at El Cocotal. We had group of 16. I will try to draw you the whole picture. It is 9pm, getting dark, pouring outside. The place is 3/4th empty... and really quite. The music there is so quite that you can hear the sound of the forks hitting plates.. Maybe if we would have great day under the sun before that, we would really enjoy this atmosphere. But in our circumstances, the atmosphere of this restaurant was like we should lay down on the floor and die)))) It was just 16 of us, and waiters prepared 3 separate tables. Because it was hard for us to separate people, we asked waiters and moved all tables together making one big table. We tried to joke and cheer each other up, and everybody was doing their best to improve the mood of this evening. I remember that some of the girls here complained that waiters there forgot to prepare personalized menus for the dinner... We had the menus, but it didn't really help us... Waiters brought drinks to half of my guests and disappeared... Actually they were running around, but they stopped bringing drinks to us. Nobody could drink, cause one half of the table waited for the other half. After 15 minutes of waiting we asked waiters if they can bring shot glasses, so we can share the drinks that half of the table had. We really wanted to start drinking!)) Waiters said that they don't have shots at that restaurant and they sent somebody somewhere to bring it.. Guys, besides us, there were 4 more tables with couples and 3 waiters running around. However, the number of drinks on our table didn't change. We kept waiting...I can't explain to you how terribly I felt. I invited people for my wedding to one of the best resorts. Here they are: cold, tired, shocked(they spent the whole day at the luxury resort but were able to see only lobby and their rooms) and not able even to drink..! To make long story short, we were able to get good service only when all other tables left..it was really long time waiting..like 40 minutes ( or even more?) without drinks and food..As waiters were explaining to me, this delay was cause we moved our tables together....Come on! even if they would give us just one waiter who would keep taking care of us, we wouldn't complain. Before they brought the other half of drinks, I had to go to hostess and complain few times. Couple of my guests asked for juice, but after they realized that additional orders confuse waiters, they gave up. Is it the way the dinner that I planed a head of time suppose to be like?It was the worst dining experience in my life... ! Thanks God other dinners in El Dorado Royale were really good and my guests were very happy! I know that many other brides loved El Cocotal. Maybe I just got bad luck with this restaurant) General advise for the all future El Dorado Royale brides: If you are planing to go for dinner as a group, be ready to wait a long time for your get your order. Don't make groups of more then 6 people. Waiters cannot serve large groups (large: 7people and up). They get really confused and can mess up your order. When we went for dinners as a couple, the service was EXCELLENT!!!!!!!. As a group we had to wait pretty long time for food, because waiters were trying to bringing food for the whole group, and it took awhile to cook. However, they kept our drinks coming))) so here is also risk to get drunk before you start your appetizer)
  3. I love the short dress, but my size is 0-2. Could you please tell me where you bought it from? Thank you!!!
  4. I was shocked when my WC told me that $800 is only for 1 person...I thought it is for one outside vendor. So if I would order flowers from an outside vendor, I would need to pay for all delivery guys as well?
  5. Thank you, Amanda. I heard that BBQ is delicious from many brides. However, we have just 18 guests... For BBQ the resort requires minimum 30. Nicole, if I remember right, you had Italian family style dinner. This is the second type of family dinner they offer. I am interested in a regular family style. My WC told me it includes many different things. REGULAR FAMILY STYLE DINNER MENU Salads: Cucumber salad with honey and tequila. Crab salad with spinach Shrimp salad with pineapple Potato salad with cured ham "Caprese"mozzarella cheese and tomato salad Side orders: Baked potatoes Corn with butter Mixed vegetables Main courses: Shrimp skewers Salmon fillet Beef tenderloin steak Roasted meat "arrachera style" New York steak Chicken breast BBQ ribs Beef and chicken skewers Lobster tail Desserts: Rompope (egg nog) custard Fruit tartlet White and dark chocolate cake Lime tartlet Cheesecake Fried banana with condensed milk
  6. I remember that one of the past brides had family style dinner for her reception... Does anybody remember who was it? I remember her beautiful pictures but cant recall her name... I would like to ask her about food quality and little more details...Thank you)
  7. I spoke to my WC today, and now I have one more question My photographer told me that he is going to be with his assistant during our wedding day. I paid $800 outside vendor's fee, and I am planing to get chairs and meals for both of them during our wedding dinner. So I asked WC if I need to get a guest pass for the photographer's assistant. She said that the assistant is not a guest, and she will find out how much they will charge me for letting him in... I heard that DJ Doremixx usually comes with his assistant (MC). Did you girls pay anything in addition to outside vendor fee???
  8. Thank you for all your advises! This forum really gives a big support!!! I feel more confident now
  9. Thank you, Allie. Our ceremony location is Gazebo 55. I have prуtty short dress so I can't wear wadges (( I will try to see their wooden runner the day before the wedding and practice:)))
  10. Thank you. Sorry, Lindsey, maybe I missed it... Did you wear heels for the ceremony? I remember Alie's picture of that wooden runner, but I think she had flats... I just don't want to look funny when I' am walking on the sand:)
  11. Good morning Ladies) I am planning to wear heels for the beach ceremony... Did any of you have wooden runner? Does it worth to get it? $200 for 1 minute walk..
  12. Did anybody hire Romantic Yucatecan Trio during reception? What about harpist for ceremony? I can't find any reveiws((( I added them to our spreadsheet already, but I am not sure if it worth it... After Yucatecan Trio we are planning to have DJ for 3 hours... Please help!!
  13. Hi) My wedding coordinator told me that sheers for the gazebo have to be 12 mts long x 1.5 mts wide. It was hard to find organza of my wedding colors. So I used http://www.tulleshop.com/Wholesale-Apple-Green-Organza-Fabric-p/310009.htm http://www.tulleshop.com/Wholesale-Baby-Maize-Organza-Fabric-p/310002.htm Colors of the sheers that i received were slightly different from the colors on these pictures( green-darker, yellow - much lighter), but they were still very nice. Also I've found on ebay a very nice seller dreampartycreation I ordered chair bows from them( very nice quality, love them); they also have a nice selection of organza bolts. However, their bolts are 50" wide((( Hope this helps)
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