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  1. Hi Ladies!!! Just returned from my wedding and it was amazing!! Will be sure to post a bunch more info shortly, but I wanted to comment on the recent traveling with your dress posts. We flew United and I went in with the impression that I'd be able to hang my dress in the first class cabin. When I got to the gate I asked the person at the desk and they said it was up to the attendants on the flight dependent on space and to ask them. When I got on the plane I asked the flight attendant and I immediately knew by the look on her face that there was a problem. She offered to hang it in the closet, but then showed me the closet... It was only about 4 feet high and maybe 6-8" wide. No way my dress would have fit in there without unceremoniously shoving it in, totally defeating the purpose. Luckily, although our flight was fairly full, there was miraculously plenty of space in the overhead bins. I was able to lay my dress out completely flat (there were 2 doors, but no divider between, so I took up 2 bins). Meanwhile, my silk chiffon dress wrinkled anyway. The onsite wedding coordinators set me up to have my dress steamed, but we hadn't discussed when it would be delivered to my room. When I hadn't gotten it by the morning of my wedding I called and had them bring it right over, but it was still wrinkled!!! I almost freaked out. I called the wedding coordinator again, who was very responsive and they took it to have it steamed again (I believe they said the steamer is over at Azul Sensitori). It didn't come back perfect that time either, so I figured I'd just have to roll with it. And then I realized the best thing about the humidity in Mexico... within about 5 minutes of being outside, all the wrinkles just relaxed and disappeared. So, my advice... Forget the 1st class closet - unless airplane closets vary greatly, it will not be helpful at all! Get on the plane early - be one of those people who rush to get in line to get on first. Stake out your space in the overhead bins and give dirty looks to anyone who comes near your bins. If you get your dress steamed onsite, plan to get it back with plenty of time to see the results and do it again if needed. If it's a little wrinkled, don't stress it!!! it'll probably work itself out. And if it doesn't, the location will be so beautiful and you'll be having so much fun that no one will notice!! Let me know if you have questions! Gillian
  2. Anyone want to send me their timelines? I still don't have enough posts to download and my wedding is in 2 weeks! gillianr718 @ gmail.com Thanks!!
  3. Hi ladies! I also can't open attachments. Asposeep, you get points by posting to the forums and we haven't posted enough for access. Would you guys mind emailing to me? gillianr718 @ gmail.com Thanks!!! AZB-FactSheet-12-19-2012.pdf Azul map.pdf Letter to Guests.pdf
  4. Hi Kaela, Amanda or anyone else reading, Could you send me a copy of whatever letters you sent in advance or gave (or will give) to your guests when they arrived, in a welcome bag or whatever? And for those already married, is there anything else you wished you added to your letters... tips about the resort? gillianr718 @ gmail.com Thanks!!!
  5. Amanda, I'm trying to look into placing an online order with Walmart for in-store pickup at a Walmart in Cancun, but so far I haven't had much luck. You can't do it through the US store - Walmart-Mexico is a separate entity. Walmart-Mexico's site says that you can place an order online for in store pickup, but the site seems to be down while they "make improvements" and I can't get to the shopping. I'm convinced this is the best way to beat the problems with bringing things in with you vs worrying about them having what you want when you need it. Unfortunately for me, I'm going to have to figure something else out - my wedding is less than 3 weeks away! Not sure when your wedding is and if you have time to wait and see if they sort it out. The website is www.walmart.com.mx If you want more info about what I found out feel free to ask.
  6. Hey Kaela, I'd love to see your letter as well if you don't mind. Please email me at gillianr718@gmail.com. Thanks!!
  7. I had no idea about this $300 limit or receipts so I'm so glad you guys asked/answered that question!!! I haven't yet purchased the contents of my OOT bags. I've been trying to figure out if there's a way to order the supplies in advance, for in-store pick up at the walmart in Cancun. I just can't figure out how to set up an account with a US address. If anyone has done this or attempted this, please let me know! Thanks!!
  8. Hi All! I'm getting married at Azul beach on Sunday April 14. I know there is another wedding on 4/13 and I thought I saw that the person posted somewhere on BDW. Let me know if you're out there!
  9. I'm getting married at Karisma's Azul Beach Hotel, which is a sister resort to the Eldorado. Some of the reasons we chose it are that it is supposed to have really good food and wine and it's family friendly.Happy searching!
  10. Hi! Great bags! Where did you buy the bags and how much were they?
  11. Hey Dasiy, Congrats on your wedding! I'm about to book mine. How was it? I've only seen pictures of ceremony set ups. where did you have your reception? was there somewhere outdoors at the sky location for dinner and dancing?
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