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  1. I say go for the birdcage. Your dress has a lot going on at the bottom and I think the long veil actually gets lost in all the detail. A bird cage really pops against the simplicity of the top of your dress, and brings the eye up to your face too. I've actually seen TONS of brides with "complicated" dresses on this site. And not a single one of them looked out of place, they only looked beautiful, radiant, and confident. I will be getting married in a dress that I never thought I'd wear myself. I envisioned a simple, flow-ey, light dress. But when I tried on my puffy A-line gown I fell in love, and I have not regretted my decision a single time! Wear what makes you feel good and nobody will think twice about the bride looking "out of place"!
  2. Hi DaynaBee, I was in the same boat as you. I had some leg soreness for a day or two when I first started, but not much more after that. Instead I found that my muscles were incredibly fatigued, especially be the end each week. (which makes sense since you are doing cardio, and not doing muscle loading exercises.) I still saw great results with fat loss though, so nothing to worry about if that's your goal! It's interesting to note though that I just started the month 2 DVDs, and I find that these workouts utilize strenght a lot more. This week my whole body hurts, upper and lower!
  3. I haven't been there, but looks like a great hotel. TripAdvisor has a St. Maarten forum with mods that are locals, and may be able to give you more feedback!
  4. My dress has a long train. I was planning on having it chopped off, but my mom and future mother in law had a cow when I told them about it. I'll definitely at least get it shortened, but I'll play around with bustling. I just don't like the idea of dragging it around on the sand.
  5. I think they are a great idea, but I am not doing them. The very idea of toting 30 bags worth of stuff to Central America makes me want to hyperventilate. Instead we will have an informal dinner on the day of everybodys arrival so that the guests can start getting to know each other. We will also have a small bottle of local liqueur as a wedding favor. We'll purchase these at the same time we are buying the rest of the booze for the reception, and I'll just bring down some ribbon to make bows around the necks of the bottles.
  6. The ONLY way I've been able to stick to it is with a workout buddy, otherwise I probably would have turned off the first DVD about 10 min into the workout. This way my competative side kicks in and I think "if she can do it so can I!" and I keep pushing myself.
  7. So I am in the recovery week of Insanity, so 1 month down already. I didn't start the program with the intention to lose weight as I workout all the time, but just as a change of pace from my strength training-heavy routine. I didn't bother with before pictures or taking measurements either because I didn't expect much to change... well I was dead wrong! I tried on my wedding dress less than 3 full weeks into the program (I was planning on having it let out) and it zipped like a dream! When I weighed myself I was 5lb down. It's crazy and I'm super excited. ...well actually I'm super nervous about beginning the new month 2 DVDs, but I still have a few days before I need to start those.
  8. I've booked a villa where we will be staying and having our reception, and I'm working with a wedding planner. Right now she is working on getting catering quotes for us. We will be having our ceremony on a beach in Terres Basses (where our villa is located), but have not decided which one yet.
  9. Have you picked a location yet? We've decided on St. Martin in April 2013 ourselves.
  10. I'm planning a wedding in St. Martin in April 2013. Are you still having trouble?
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