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  1. We used Caribe for our photos. We thought he did a wonderful job. We picked Caribe because of the quality of photos for the time of day for the wedding. It was around sunset. His seemed to be the best for the lighting that you have at that time.
  2. We only had the hour provided in the package. I really wish we could have afforded another hour. However, our guests took so many digital pictures that it helped to fill I the gaps. But if you have the money to spend I would suggest an additional hour.
  3. There are entertainment options available through Lomas. Their vendors are professional and very good at what they do. I honestly would not pay the outside vendor fee ($800) when Lomas has such great people working for them. Our wedding pictures are gorgeous, the decor was amazing, and the people all very friendly and eager to please.
  4. Alright ladies, I FINALLY have some time to post about our wedding. We bought the gold package so we would have everything we needed and frankly a massage on the beach is always a welcome experience. The number one piece of advice I can give is to not waste your money on outside vendors. Everyone at Azul is professional and does a great job. Remember that you are working with a photographer that shoots there almost daily. They know how to get the best shots at the resort. The flowers included in our package were absolutely perfect and they happily moved them to our reception to help us cut costs on decor. We brought a few things of our own for set up of ceremony and reception including gazebo sheers. We were only charged $50 for set up. After we met with the WC at the resort, she called to let us know that they wanted to put bows on the reception chairs at no cost. This was one of many things that we were upgraded to upon our arrival. Our biggest upgrade was that we booked the least expensive room we could get and we got upgraded to a big room in the premium section. we opted for the set group menu for the reception. The food was beyond my expectations and the service was exceptional. I had my hair and makeup done in the spa. I would absolutely have it done his way again! We used an iPod with play lists for the reception. If you rent the speakers, there is a microphone for anything like toasts. They also provide somebody to help run the iPod and sound for the event. I cannot imagine paying the ridiculous prices for a DJ when you can make a list of all the music you want to hear for so much less. As someone who has worked catering wedding for over 5 years, wedding DJ's are often obnoxious and inappropriate. I have seen many brides that were upset with things DJ's blurt out or their awful music selections. There are so many details missing here. If any of you have specific questions, I would be happy to answer. All in all I would really just say, stick with Lomas and services provided at Azul. It will keep your costs down and it keeps your stress level way down. These guys really made the whole thing so stress free when I got there. Trust me when I say the most frustrating part is the planning via your Miami based WC. Just be assured it will all get worked out and the WC on site will bend over backwards to help you with any last minute details. Any time you have questions that are not being answered or you need a better explanation than what your WC gave you, come to this site! This site filled in all the gaps for me and helped to get me more relaxed.
  5. We also found the photography packages to be quite expensive. We are using the hour included in our package for the ceremony and some before pictures. For the reception, we are asking our guests to be so kind as send us their digital pictures. We also found Holga cameras by a google search on amazon.com. They are inexpensive and take really artistic pictures. We got one that we are loading with color film and one to load with black and white film. I also have a dear family friend that has agreed to be sure that she photographs some of the key moments at the reception. By doing this we saved tons of money on pictures our guests would have taken anyway. Plus putting the Holga cameras on the tables really helps to draw everyone in to participate in the reception.
  6. I was told by my Miami based WC that in the restaurant you cannot decorate or play music of your choice. This is why I have chosen a private event for my reception. I would assume the rules are going to be the same for a dinner the night before. I am doing the same thing the night before. I didn't bother to ask about music or decorations as it was a no for the reception.
  7. Hello all you lovely brides! I am just now finding this forum and what a lifesaver it has been so far! It has brought my stress level WAY down. So first of all, thank you all for posting the information you have. I will be glad to share or answer any questions I can as well. Second, I was wondering if anybody has bought their own sheers for the gazebo. I am thinking of doing this, but my WC says there will be a set up fee. Do any of you know how much it would be? I am trying to decide if I will be saving money or wasting precious luggage space to get them down there.
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