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  1. We had the ceremony and cocktail hour on the beach, and the reception at the Bar Higuey. Yes it was prettttty hot, but we got over that! lol Still had a blast!
  2. Ladies, We just came back from our wedding stay at BBPD. Let me tell you. THE BEST WEDDING EVER. Literally, almost every person that came (we had 43 people), said it was the best wedding that they have ever been to. The photographer. AMAZING. We used Tropical Pictures. The whole stay was absolutely amazing and I wish I could do it all over again. I will say, I was wicked nervous before we left, only because, it's a horrible feeling only talking to the WC through email, but we met with Arise the day after we got to BBPD. We finalized everything that day. Easy. Took an hour at the most. Cake decision. Boom. Photography decision. Boom. Food. Boom. We added the cocktail hour, amazing. It was well worth the money, and we had it right on the beach where we got married. Arise really takes all of the worry off of your shoulders. She really is amazing, and we had absolutely NO issue at all. The only MINOR hiccup was that the judge that married us was a half hour late, which wasn't even a big deal at all, and they just moved the reception time back, so it wasn't affected at all. The professional photos came out AMAZING as well, we had Micelia. Couldn't have asked for a better photographer. I'll post pictures asap, or I can email them to you. And if you want to email me for anything my email is lizabethcaputo@gmail.com There were 3 weddings happening at the same day/same time ish, and you would NOT EVEN KNOW. They take you on the trolley from the ceremony to the reception area. We all WOOOO'd whenever we saw people. Awesome ride. The food, really good. We got the tomato and goat cheese salad, awesome! The main course was the chicken, I didn't like it too much, but I don't like chicken on the bone. Other people loved it. We got the creme brulee, along with the cake. BOTH AMAZING. For the cake, we got 3 tiers all different kinds. The first layer we got vanilla cake with strawberry filling, second, vanilla with pineapple filling, and the top was the vanilla with guava filling. ALL AMAZING. The ONLY thing I could say bad about this place is that when we were trying to check out, there was confusion about us paying for the wedding. We paid for it a week before we left the resort at the front desk (they actually charge everything to your room, so you have to pay for it there and not at the wedding department). When we were checking out, they said that money wasn't applied to our room yet, even though we had a receipt. So our only wish is that there was better communication with that kind of stuff. Other than that, it was the best time of our lives and we would definitely recommend this resort. So, ladies. Do NOT WORRY AT ALL. It WILL be the best day of your life.
  3. Ok good, I thought I was just being like a cheapo! lol. What are you making for your centerpieces? Also @soloparatijc Sorry if you heard this question before but how did you get that photographer? I love the way the pictures look!
  4. Ok... so am I the only one who thinks the prices for the centerpieces per table are RIDICULOUS? I mean, I feel like this wedding is tacking up realllll fast with the money. lol. Anyone have any ideas for cheap and easy things to carry by plane? I'm starting to get frazzled by all of this. lol Thanks for the help ladies!
  5. For the ladies that have gotten married there... My fiance just read somewhere that we have to bring passports and have a bunch of paperwork noterized before we get married? What specifically do we need to bring/do for our marriage to be legal here in the US??
  6. So, I'm getting married in almost 2 months! EEEE! We just got all of our invitations for the destination wedding and AHR out yesterday, so now we wait. I feel like I should be doing more right now than just waiting. I have a few questions about some things... So the DJ, what are people doing? We were thinking of using the Ipod dock and just setting up the music in order on that. Can anyone send me an updated list of what the DJ options are? Also, pictures and video, I'm so indecisive on what to do for those. I know I'm going to use TP because I have no one else who's a professional that I can bring or hire down there. I always watch people's videos on youtube and I love love loveee videos of people getting ready and the extra stuff people do with their video, but I don't know if they'll get what I want. That's why we were also going to have a girl video tape all of the girls getting ready and a guy for all of the guys getting ready. How about the food... can we do buffet? I was thinking that might be the best option for people, but that also depends on how much that'll cost. I just have no idea what I should be deciding or thinking about right now. Any help would be greatttt! Thanks and good luck to all the BBPD brides!!!
  7. So, thank god I check back here every few days, because this would be the only way I found out that Lianny quit. Why wouldn't they email me to let me know? Oh well... So, we're getting married October 5th of this year, and I know they have a ton of weddings there and we won't hear from them alot til like the month before our wedding... But, I'm starting to freak out. How did you guys go about planning everything without going nuts? Did you guys just email them photos of what you want? Like, I don't even know where to begin. lol. Thanks for all the help!
  8. I have a few questions, I'm trying to see if I can cut costs in some places. Like I was thinking for Videography to not have a package, and maybe one of our guests videotape the whole thing, including us getting ready. Do you think they'll be ok with that? Also, I was thinking of just using an ipod dock or an ihome for the music for the wedding... Has anyone done that? Was it ok or would it be worth it to have the DJ? And can you bring your own ihome?? I looked over what the package includes, which now I feel like isn't as much as I thought. We are doing the Tangerine Package, and the thing that gets me is that it says like open bar for 3 hours... Ummmmm, isn't the whole resort all inclusive? So how would that be as part of the package? One last thing, someone mentioned about renting a cabana by the pool for $10 a day, when would you set that up? Thanks everyone!
  9. Hey ladies! Few questions, kind of trying to cut costs where we can. I was thinking of maybe using the Ipod dock instead of using a DJ, that way we can play everything we want, how we want it, no confusion, but do you think they'll let us just rent a microphone for it, too? Or, do you even think we'll need one? I'm thinking we're going to have less people than we originally thought, so about like 30 people. Also, we were thinking of going with the cheapest package for the photos through Tropical Pictures and no package for the video... we figured everyone coming to the wedding will be taking tons of pictures anyway. Do you think they'll let our friends videotape it? I was thinking of having one of my fiance's friends record him getting ready, and one of my friends recording me getting ready and like splice it together when we get home! I can't help but get nervous about this wedding, especially since I don't know a lick of Spanish for me to call and talk to them, and they take a bit to get back through email.
  10. I've read on here that you can have a symbolic wedding? We are not having the religious wedding, so I'm guessing the symbolic wedding is what we are having (honestly, I feel like I'm missing stuff because of how easy it is planning a destination wedding, rather than a wedding at home). I know whatever option we are doing, there has to be a translator? Has anyone had a friend of their's marry them instead? Thanks for all the help!
  11. Does anyone know what they're doing after the wedding reception? My wedding is at 3pm so I feel like even with an extra hour, it's going to be over early, Lianny said something about the Disco? I tried looking it up online but I don't think I found anything good. Thanks for all the help!
  12. Thanks disazaja! That would be great if you could send me that info! Can't wait to see your pics too!
  13. So I am finally sending in the deposit for our wedding (October 5th of 2013). I'm really excited! But now, I'm also nervous because I don't know what happens next. My first question is, what if they don't get the money I wire. Obviously I know it's not a scam, but I still get nervous about things like that. Also, we're doing the Tangerine Sunset package, so its the $4,000 package and you have to put 30% down for the deposit, she told me that the rest is due near the wedding, but what about the extras - like DJ, photo, and decorations, - does she tell you the quote for that well before hand? Whatever help you guys can give me would be great. I have looked through every page of this thread and you guys definitely helped me a lot! Any pictures you guys want to inbox me would be great too! Thanks so much!
  14. Me and my fiance are inviting children to the resort, but are not sure about inviting them to the actual wedding. My sister in law is bringing her mother-in-law to watch her kids and a few other kids, so most of the kids are all set. But what do I say to the other people that are coming (I don't know exactly if they are bringing their kids or not). I would rather have kids not come only because we have sooo many kids in our family. I just don't know how I would word it on the invitations. Any suggestions?
  15. Me and my fiance are inviting children to the resort, but are not sure about inviting them to the actual wedding. My sister in law is bringing her mother-in-law to watch her kids and a few other kids, so most of the kids are all set. But what do I say to the other people that are coming (I don't know exactly if they are bringing their kids or not). I would rather have kids not come only because we have sooo many kids in our family. I just don't know how I would word it on the invitations. Any suggestions?
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