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  1. I did mini maracas from oriental trading and painted some blue for fish and orange for beef and attached name tags to them.
  2. Yes, off to the side. This pic may help you get a better idea of the layout.
  3. We had 1 long table for 43 people on the terrace and I used my bridesmaids bouquets as centerpieces. Here is a pic
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by UMassRN007 Quote: Originally Posted by Nicole Graf 6 was a little empty, not majorly awkward but if you can, I thought 8 was perfect! So now, here we go, my back and married post because today I am having the post wedding blues because it is over and I am sad lol. It was beautiful. They are doing a really great job! There were a few minor issues but nothing that I would say "God, they really messed up". We met Pilar the day we arrived (Saturday). She knows what she is doing and when she saw how I had everything prepared, she a
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by Nicole Graf Brandi, did the videographer tell you when to expect the video in the mail? Also, do they upload it anywhere? Nicole- I got married on Friday October 11th and received my video this past Friday, so exactly 2 weeks. He did a great job, I love the video! I emailed him to see if they upload it and he said they don't initially, but he will put it up for me so I can share with friends and family.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by remykion Hi Just wondering if anyone paid their wedding balance with travellers cheques and if Now Jade are ok with paying this way? xx You can pay with travelers checks but only a certain amount per person and each person has to show an ID. I have an email from Deisy about this. I'll let you know for sure when I find the email.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by remykion Congratulations Lauren!! and thank you for your reply I certainly feel alittle more at ease now. To be fair most of the reviews can't praise the Now Jade enough but you cant help feel unsettled when you read a few negative ones but like you say they must be miserable. Did you have the Devine Package Lauren? if so what menu did you choose? Did you have your hair and make up at the spa? Sorry for al the questions.....getting nervous/excited now! leaving on Saturday 26th Oct and marrying on 1st Nov :-) xxxxx Its so exciting! I wish I coul
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by remykion Im not sure what to make of the reviews on Trip Advisor regarding the not so nice "Vibe" from the staff at the Now Jade. I know I should not take much notice but my guests and I are paying alot of money to holiday/get married here the last thing we want is battles with the staff. Surely they can't be as bad as the reviews make out but I dont understand why people would make such negative remarks without reason. Maybe these people have nothing better to do than moan and critisise the smallest of things. :-( I would be very interested to hear f
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by AdamShannon Did anyone then tip the DJ, if they used the resort DJ (AVI I think currently)? Yea, I tipped everyone there. Servers, DJ, wedding coordinator
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by LaurenMoser2B woops, I'm new to posting pictures. I got married on Friday, so I can finally post a picture of my dress. Not the greatest quality photo, but here it is!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Natasha McArdle Hi and congratulations. Did you give isela a tip after ?? Yes I gave her $20.
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