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  1. Hello, I have returned from Iberostar Ensenachos. It was a fantastic vacation and a beautiful wedding! The resort is beautiful, the beaches are breathtaking and the staffs are so warm and helpful. It was quite blustery when we were there and the weather was very unpredictable but luck was on our side so the sun came out strong on our wedding day and allowed us to have our wedding along the beach. If you are going to have your hair and makeup done through the resorts salon, I would suggest booking your appointment about four hours before your scheduled wedding time. Our wedding coordinator booked me in for my hair appointment at 2:30 and my wedding was to be at 4:30. I showed up a half hour early to find out they forgot about my appointment and had to actually get a lady in from a completely different hotel to do my hair. By the time they got me in for my appointment, it was 3:00 and completed my hair at 4:10. So that only left me with 20 min to throw on my dress and put on my makeup. However, I was really impressed on how well she did my hair. I provided her one image of what I wanted and she managed to recreate it perfectly! I was staying in the villa section of the hotel, which is 2 km from the rest of the resort so it takes a bit of time to commute. Since my hair appointment was pushed back, I had to rush back to my room to get all suited up for the ceremony and was not as fun or relaxing as I had hoped getting ready. Sadly, my Mom was held back in the mad scramble to get ready so I missed getting ready with her. So my point is, ensure you book your appointments well in advance and start getting ready early in the day to avoid stress. I would also suggest having your coordinator clearly define all the things required for you to do/have on your wedding day. When there is a language gap, things are perceived differently. Leading up to our ceremony, another funny thing occurred. We were having a civil ceremony but we were not advised we needed to present our passports to the judge, as well as our witnesses. We had previously provided photocopies to our coordinator earlier so thought that was all they needed. However, as we were about to start with the ceremony, the judge informs us he needed the passports, so our coordinator made a mad dash to retrieve them, when she returned she then found out we needed our witnesses passports as well so back she went along with our guests to retrieve the passports. It all came together eventually though and was a beautiful ceremony and fun night. We booked the photographer directly through the resort and purchased his wedding video too and we thought he did a remarkably good job and was a fantastic deal! I would recommend the photo and video package. I was also very happy with the flower arrangements they provided. Hope my review has provided you with some good insight and settled your nerves a bit. Feel free to ask me some questions and I'll try to provide you with some answers. I wish you all the best and most beautiful Cuban wedding! x
  2. I will be getting married at Iberostar Ensenachos on January 21st! I will let you know how it goes. Wish us luck. Cheers, Corra
  3. Thanks DwBride2Bw! I am relieved to hear your good review. Best of luck on your wedding.
  4. Congratulations!! I am very excited for our wedding at Iberostar. I am trying to prepare myself for little wedding decorations provided from the resort by buying and making a lot of my decorations and welcome gifts in advance. I understand the only documents required for a legal wedding in Cuba is a passport and visitor visa (as long as you have not been married before or widowed), is this what you understand as well? I have not been advised on if I can expect a typical private reception with dancing and speeches so feeling a little in the dark on how the wedding day will go. Will have to keep an open mind. How are your plans coming along?
  5. Hello Girls! How are your wedding plans coming along? I have received a verbal confirmation from our wedding coordinator at Iberostar Ensenachos but no exact ceremony time or location yet. Have you managed to confirm more details for your ceremony? I am still trying to sort out our required documents to ensure this wedding will be legally recognized in Canada. Do you have a description of the required documents?
  6. Hi Everyone! I am planning my wedding in Santa Maria, Cuba at the Iberostar Ensenachos Resort. I would love any feedback from anyone thats planned a wedding in Cuba. Thanks everyone!! Corra
  7. Hello Stéphanie, I have been to Cuba twice but I have not been to Cayo Ensenachos as of yet. I too am planning a wedding to be at Iberostar Ensenachos for January 2013. I am struggling to determine the legal requirements for weddings in Cuba. I have tried a number of times to contact the Cuban Embasy to confirm legal requirements but I have not had much luck. Cuba is absolutely beautiful and the people are so nice and accommodating. If you are interested, I will let you know how our trip goes once I return. If you have any planning tips, I would love to hear them. All the best, Corra
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