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  1. I am using Juan Navarro. I looked into 3 other photographers & their prices are outrageous (approx $5,000). I looked at the resort photographer's photos & wasn't happy with them at all. You can search online & look at examples of their work. Juan was the style we were looking for, and the most reasonable price I could find.
  2. I looked into Elizabeth Medina, Cecilia Dumas, & Del Sol. Their prices were outrageous (the only one I specifically remember is Elizabeth - her packages STARTED at $5,000 - then of course you have to pay the Excellence to have her there). My friend used Juan Navarro & her pictures were really great, our package is less than $2,000. I absolutely loved Elizabeth & Del Sol's photography, but Juan's pictures & style are very similar for lass than 1/2 the price.