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  1. I think it took a few days to get there....I think 3 or 4. I used Purolator priority post.
  2. Hi Staceydale, I used the following address and had no issues: P.o Box 106,Pear Tree Bottom, Runaway Bay, St.Ann Jamaica W.I they confirmed receipt of my documents as well. Hope this helps
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by CdnBrideJoanne leannesmith - your countdown is sooo close! Only 3 more weeks to go!! I know! down to the final details and getting kind of nervous. I have my last dress fitting this weekend and it better fit this time! a few last minute bookings happening...trying to get the seating plan done....sigh....deep breath...lol.
  4. I have also booked Rashel. Don't worry...she will send you the invoice . I am sure she is just super busy.
  5. if you don't mind me asking...why are you getting married first in Canada? I have been hearing a lot of people saying they get married home first. maybe I am missing something...lol We are in Ontario....flying there on Sept 26. cant wait.
  6. I have 2 suitcases packed and ready to go....this is just wedding stuff. 2 more to pack plus carry ons, plus the dress and suit. I leave in less then 2 months....Sept 26 and the wedding is on Sept 30. exciting times.
  7. I had to courier the docs last week. I used purolator and it cost $62. This was from Toronto Canada
  8. Congrats FutureKeese22 sounds like you had an amazing wedding! You look beautiful in the pics!
  9. Congrats. Sounds like your wedding was beautiful. Is the Picasso the outdoor private venue? I thought it was called the Piscus but it may have changed or could be totally different . I was quoted 1700 for the outdoor. Can't wait to see merricks photos......he is amazing. Congrats again. 3 months to go for our big day.
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