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  1. Yes hair should be dry - one of my girls ran late and her hair was still a little damp they dried it no big deal - but I'm pretty sure they charge to dry generally - we had 31 total (paid for 32..1 was a no show.. don't ask.. haha) and we had our reception at Seaside Grill (we did not pay a fee for the location)
  2. Just checked up dos for long hair is 65 short hair is 55 make up was 55 - oh and I wanted the 15% discount applied that comes with the ultimate package but of course they were like that can only be used for the couple-I was not happy and got them to give me 10% off
  3. The cigar roller was 400-my husband got into it with them during the cocktail hour because they tried to put a limit on how many cigars we got-they ended up giving us more-they never specified anywhere how many you get so you might want to get that info squared away-we tipped them too-it was like 110 or 120 per girl for hair and make up-and yes we paid for it along with the dresses and flip flops and barefoot sandals and jewelry-it was our gift to them, sort of a thank you for coming-and since our group was small enough we included all the girls even the few not in the actual wedding party-made it fun for everyone and then everyone was included-luckily we had our wedding on a Thursday and ended up being the only wedding that day :-)
  4. Definitely get a videographer-after the wedding it's all you have to relive the day! I am really looking forward to getting ours and getting to see it all over again :-) we planned an hour and a half for photos and ended up running out of time-give yourself lots of time
  5. And when I say we paid for 32 guests-20 were included-so we paid for 12 extra guests-do you have the budget excel spreadsheet ? That will help you plan exactly-I can email it to you if you want :-)
  6. Oh and we had the DJ for three hours of course-wanted the fire dancers but I think it was like 800-we didn't want to spend that-they had fire dancers some nights as part of the resort entertainment, good enough for us :-) we didn't upgrade my bouquet or the cake-just used what came with the package
  7. We had the ultimate package and paid the 500 deposit-we had 32 guests total-our final balance was like 7400-which included the light up dance floor, like 25 lanterns, 7 lights for under the tables-8 bridesmaid bouquets, 9 boutineers, pedals for the isle, flowers for the hair which I did not use-the cigar roller for the cocktail hour-the sound system for the ceremony-we brought our own decor-bows, isle decor and table center pieces-I gave them an idea of what I wanted for bouquets and told them to keep them 50 max each-we tried to keep it super simple and didn't add a ton-we used an external videographer and photographer so that was not part of the 7400-we paid an additional like 3600 for them-and then an additional 1400 at the salon for 13 girls for hair and makeup including my trial run-our room for seven nights was covered by our group block credit which was awesome-the 7400 also does not include any tips which we probably spent a good $500-so I hope this helps give you an idea-we were a good 13,000 for the actual wedding
  8. FYI-we used a credit card to pay our room charges which included about 1400 for hair and makeup-we have had credit card fraud since-not sure if this is related but a few other girls posted this-I think opening a card just to use for dreams may be a great idea
  9. Ha, well I would suggest some sort of wedge that is strapped to your foot, I'm sure you could make that work :-)
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