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  1. Hi- I am not able to see your photo. Can you PM me w/ details? I'll be in the DC area in a cpl of weeks.
  2. Really?! I hadn't heard of that rule. That is ridiculous! I've seen some of their vendors work online and it is not the best quality (hence me outsourcing!!) I'm bringing my own videographer as well and just paying for the 3 nights. I'm short too! But, I also want to be comfortable so I can dance and have a good time Please do keep me posted on your experience with the spa! I am using a vendor from Etsy for my save the dates and got my bridesmaids dresses from Dessy. Don't worry, it will all work out! I have been on an emotional rollercoaster throughout all this planning, so I can feel your pain!
  3. I am having a hard time figuring out shoes myself! We are getting married on the beach, but having the reception by the pool. Do you know what you are doing for makeup yet? I hired an outside DJ, videographer, and photographer, so I don't want to any anymore vendor fees!
  4. Thanks for the amazing post! Your wedding looked beautiful and the tips are very helpful!
  5. LOL. I tried to get a thread started a few months back too, but got crickets!
  6. I am getting married there in November. Check out this site for all of the wedding-related extras: http://www.weddingsbylomastravel.com/ They are the exclusive vendor for all things wedding for Azul. Happy planning!
  7. Hi everyone! I am so happy that I have found BDW, it has been so helpful to me as I plan for my Nov 2013 wedding in Riviera Maya. We are headed to Riviera Maya in 2 weeks for site visits and get inspiration for various things for the wedding (i.e. favors, OOT bags, decorations, etc.) Any suggestions of must do's to help prep for these visits, questions to ask, things to be sure and see/do while we are there? We'll be there for a week, but are hoping to get the majority of the visits done in the first few days so that we can have a cpl days to relax before heading back to the States. If you have a reco's of places to shop, visit, eat, etc. that would be awesome as well!
  8. Thank you 'Moments That Matter' and Joyce! Joyce, if you could send me her info and any pictures that you may have, that would be very helpful! Thanks again
  9. Hi! I am recently engaged and am in the beginning stages of planning my wedding in PDC. Just browsing through many of the threads--this Forum has been so helpful to get me started! I was wondering if anyone had any experience with/knowledge of a stylist in PDC who has experience w/ African American hair? Thank you!
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