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  1. wow, i personally think it's gorgeous and usually never like the lace on knock-off dresses. Can i ask how much you paid for this?
  2. Really? Tulle? I didn't know it could look so much like chiffon. I want something similar but chose to go with silk chiffon instead of tulle. was that a mistake?
  3. I was thinking about doing a tulle A-line bottom like your first dress, but I was afraid of getting the big hips look. I noticed that yours has a dropped waist. Does this combat the big hips problem? Have you tried on the inspiration dress?
  4. I just ordered this dress from babyonline. what material should i ask it to be made in so that it can look as high quality as it looks in the picture?
  5. will it be impossible to order a knock off if my wedding date is within 2 months?
  6. rThanks! I am also very impressed with the micropleating that Jasmine's has done. what kind of fabric is that? tulle or chiffon? How much did that second dress cost?
  7. It seems as though all the knockoff companies in China only have "white" and "ivory" as the color options. Does anyone know how to get softwhite instead of the stark white option?
  8. I, too, am wanting a reem acra knock off. I'm going to ask babyonline at dhgate to do something like this: I am wondering if i should do an upgraded premium fabric
  9. if getting non-premium grade, which do you think is the best fabric to get? I would imagine tulle or chiffon would not have much of a different look from premium and non. what do you think?
  10. Gorgeous! Do you have any closeups of the bodice?
  11. Does anyone know if any of the dhgate sellers do dresses in the really pretty and delicate chantilly lace? (the pretty scalloped type of lace edging)
  12. I would love to see pics of your dress Lara!