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  1. Hi Jessica I feel your pain. I had many sleepless nights leading up to our wedding day. Same thing happened to me with the dj quote, the pricing didn't match the wedding extras form that the resort gave me when I booked my wedding but I stood my ground and they honored the pricing. And fortunately the night of the wedding I had a great experience with the dj from jsav, they played most of must plays and kept us on the dance floor. As for my important songs, our 1st dance, father-bride etc we had them uploaded on an iPod just in case they didn't have those particular songs. Thankfully they had them all so we didn't need the iPod, but we did use it for the ceremony. We loaded songs we wanted our guests to be seated to, my walk down the aisle song and song to be played after our ceremony. The resort had speakers and someone to man the iPod so everything went well there. We had a guitar trio for cocktail hour then used the dj for 3 hours after. By the way the dj's lighting set up was nice too, we choose the color purple and I think they had 8 led lights in total. We had a brief meeting with them the day before our wedding so that may have helped to avoid any big mistakes. I will admit Paradisus wedding/romance department was not the easiest to work, they desperately need to streamline there process and everyone there needs to get on the same page but take a deep breath cause it will be ok. Your guest are booked and I'm sure very excited to celebrate with you and your fiancé, the resort is beautiful, you will all have fun! You just need to be extra organized and on top of them. Bring all your correspondents and final choices, I had a big binder with me down there and boy did it come in handy! After all the stress and anxiety our wedding was exquisite and I was able to remember why we choose paradisus, we wanted a beautiful, modern, elegant experience and at the end of the day that's exactly what our wedding was. Best of luck, try not to stress too much. Be proactive in your follow ups with everyone and have a glass of wine to calm your nerves!
  2. Hi Ladies, my question is for brides who were previously married at this resort 1) We had a legal ceremony, paid the $1,000 fee (got our blood work, fingerprints, signed legal documents & married by a judge) and before we left the resort we received our marriage certificate in the room however it was in Spanish and not filled completely. If anyone else had a legal ceremony here I was wondering if you received an English translated marriage certificate in the mail when you returned home or additional paperwork from Mexico? I need a translated English marriage certificate to change my name on my social security card and my drivers license. 2) Also, has anyone taken advantage of the "Unforgettable Gift | Complimentary Honeymoon/Anniversary Nights" promotion that I read about on line http://www.paradisus.com/romance-offers.php Its based on your wedding invoice (pre-tax and Resorts fees) but was wondering if anyone has taken advantage of it and how easy it is to actually use. If you know anything about any of these answers your help is much appreciated!
  3. Yes you are right, my cocktail hour was not at the Restaurant La Palapa it was under a Palapa by the pool in La Perla which they use for different activies such as ping pong and dance classes. Its an open patio area covered by a hut structure.
  4. Yes we are! Thank you and I saw your wedding video you posted, your dress was stunning and your looked absoultuely beautiful! Almost our 1 month wedding anniversary coming up soon, cant beleieve tomororw will be 4 weeks! How time flies, hope you are enjoying being a newlywed!
  5. Thanks ladies, all the dresses on here are so beautiful. I love all the different styles for destination wedding gowns!!
  6. I had the same problem when I booked my wedding, my 1st choice was the Gazebo but they told me that they would not be able to confirm this location until it got closer to my wedding day in case there was another wedding scheduled then this would be the ceremony site. Fortunatley no one else booked there wedding for the same day as mine and since I kept bugging them about it they confirmed this location for me 8 weeks prior, which wasnt a lot of time to give you a piece of mind but we had my cocktail hour at La Palapa at La Perla and it was vey nice location as well. Not as private feeling as the Gazebo but it was beautiful and the set ups that they can do in there look spectacular. I can send you some pictures if you like, hope this information helps!
  7. Here's my wedding gown! Its a Lazarro and I was fortunate enough to buy it as a sample dress so I only paid a fraction of the original price. I got married July 5th in Mexico, so I was a little hot when I was dancing around at our reception but it was well worth it. I loved my dress and wish I could wear it again!
  8. Hi Ladies, I just had my wedding at Paradisus La Perla last Friday July 5th, I am going to post a full review shortly but wanted to briefly share my experience with you since I know this site was helpful during my planning phase. The week started out rocky with checking in to the room categories myself and a couple of guests requested. Eventually we were all accommodated I was upgraded to a swim up 1 bedroom master suite which was AMAZING! I highly recommend this room, it was great to entertain our friends in, there was a hot tub on the balcony and we all loved jumping into the pool right from our room. The wedding coordinator we had, Evelin, seemed to be new since she wasn't sure about the backup rain sites and some other questions we had but she was sweet and was able to execute our wedding along with Adriana from Alquim Events exactly the way I had envisioned it! We had our rehearsal dinner for 34 people at the Market Restaurant the night before which was beautiful. I ended up booking the bridal suite, even though it was $300 extra but it was a great place to get ready in and relax before the ceremony so in the end well worth the $. Our ceremony was on the Gabi Bridge which was beautiful but I felt bad for the guests staying at the resort since they couldn't get back to the resort from the beach, they should build more bridges. We had our cocktail party under one of the Palapas by the pool at La Perla with a guitar trio and cigar roller and it felt very much like a Mexican wedding and our reception at the Wedding Gazebo. The DJ was great, everyone was dancing and they listened to all of our notes and request and played exactly what we wanted to hear. Saturday was a pool party and a ton of fun for all my friends and great way to celebrate after our wedding night celebration. Overall my husband and I had a great time with our friends and family, there were glitches along the way, but I truly feel that our wedding was amazing and executed just the way we had envisioned. Good luck ladies and I will post a detailed review as soon as we get back from our honeymoon!
  9. Hi Ladybugg I have another email contact email for Alquima, Adriana adriana@alquimiaevents.com she has emailed me as well as Perla with pricing which I might add were different from eachothers quotes! Let me know how it goes with the DJ pricing for you, I emailed Jessica asking her why the discrepenacy in pricing and she said she would check with her manager. I hope they will honor there orignal pricing, I am not going to let it go easy! Congrats on your countdown, very exciting!! We are getting close to our date too, I will be getting to the resort on July 1st bummer so close to your date but not close enough.
  10. Hi ladies I have a question regarding the DJ. I was contacted by JSAV and there pricing for 3 hrs starts at $1350 and do not include Labor, Transportation, 15% Service and 11% Tax Fees & his pricing states "Packages for Playa del Carmen have additional costs" However The customized wedding extras form which I received from the Romance Department when I 1st booked my wedding states : Standard Package starts at $1000 and includes 3 hours of DJ, DJ equipment, 2 speakers, wireless microphone & 8 LED lights. I don't understand the discrepancy in pricing? Can there be another DJ company for Paradisus? This is a big difference in pricing and I don't understand why the company that the Romance Dept recommends states that they charge extra for Play Del Carmen weddings? Also does anyone have the email address or contact info for the Spa at the resort, I wanted to get pricing and see if they would offer a discount if I bought several spa treatments (I wanted to give spa treatments as a gift to our parents and siblings). And Im not sure when I would need to book my hair and makeup appointments for the wedding day and trail run. Thanks, any info you guys have will greatly help!
  11. Hi Maylin I am scheduled to get married July 5th, the week after you, I had my planning call with Jessica and she gave me perla's email as well as the company that would handle audio and visual and have yet to hear back from either. I emailed Perla twice and her collegue Adriana. I have not even recieved quoted for the flowers or decorations I was interested in so I have no idea what the costs will be, that part is daunting. They have charged my credit card 4k towards the aqua package so they have no problem taking your money but are really lacking in terms of communication. This hasnt felt like a seemless transaction but I am trying to hang in there, I feel disconnected as well. Let me know how your experience is going and if communication is improving on your end.
  12. Hi Ladies I never realized how stressful destination wedding can be, its the beach and the sun what could be so diffucult but I soon realized how wrong I was. My wedding is 4 months out and I am getting very frustrated with the wedding planners, they told me my planning call would be end of April which bothered me cause I thought they would start better communication with me at least 4 months out. After some serious complaining I got them to move up the planning call to the end of March. I also thought about canceling it here all together and moving it somewhere else but the contract I signed required 50% of the wedding package 6 month prior. So on top of my $500 deposit I would be losing a good amount. Im just trying to stay calm and remind myself daily why I choose this resort, it looks beautiful and I beleive my wedding will be fabulous I just hope I can make it to that day without too much stress or anxiety. Hang in there imnotarunner, I feel your pain!
  13. When we went Generation had just opened and I don’t think they had any quests staying there yet. We toured the small resort and it was beautiful. They keep the kids separate from EDM, guest that are staying there and are 16 and over can use the restaurants, pool and amenities at EDM but children must stay at the Generations side. El Dorado Generation has its own pool, restaurant and beach front area to insure that EDM stays an adult’s only escape
  14. I know the extra fees add up, Is there an extra charge to have your ceremony on the Gabi Bridge? And I am not even sure about the flowers and decor fee with Alquimia Evente (in-house décor company) All the pictures of wedding setups that they have sent me look nice but I have no idea how much it will cost to have those extra touches. I also had the same issue with the Gazebo as a reception location, its not on there list of wedding reception sites but I came across pictures online from blue lens showing the gazebo being used as a reception for several weddings and with children present. When I asked they told me I could not reserve the Gazebo until 60 days prior to my wedding date and they may consider an exception if I have less then 2 children but it didn't seem like a site they wanted to accommadate. I have been a little anxious thinking about it all. I didn't know that a destination wedding would require this much planning!
  15. I went to EDM in Aug 2012 for a site visit, The property and the beach are serene. It was a very romantic trip and they have many beautiful locations for wedding ceremonies and reception. I loved the chapel, its right on the beach next to palm trees The resort is smaller with about 100 rooms, they also just opened a family section next door called El Dorado Maroma Generations. Its new, beautiful and great for families. The resort is also next door to the marina maroma which has many water sports and ATV and horseback riding tours. The location is remote from other resorts but it adds to the romantic getaway feel. The staff was great and the drinks (top shelf liquor) and the food were good too, 24 hour room service was a real plus! We booked our wedding for Paradisus in Playa Del Carmen which is completely different type of resort but I am regretting not going with Maroma, just thinking about the beach and the ambia nce there makes me miss it already. It was a very tough choice for me but if you love the beach and want a smaller type of resort with 5 star amenities, then this is the place to go, Hope I was able to help!