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  1. I think that might be true. I emailed her and got a (prompt) response back from a Kymoya Case. I haven't heard from Trisha at all since...
  2. hey ladies! does anyone know if the resort will steam our dresses (and the guys's suits)??? several of the other resorts I was looking into offered that as a part of their wedding package, but I haven't seen anything about it at Iberostar...if anyone knows and could let me know, I'd appreciate it!
  3. that's good to know, thank you...I will be traveling w/ my infant son, so we definitely don't want anything to do w/ a 10 hour layover! I think I'll book soon...thanks for the advice!
  4. hey ladies! just wondering, how far in advance are you all booking your accomodations? I don't want to book too early (my wedding date is July 2013), but I'm so anxious to have it booked already! also, are most people going thru a travel agent? I had planned to do that and got price quotes, but it's so much cheaper online! which I think will be much more attractive to many of my guests.....
  5. hmmm I hope you're right, but in the info the wedding planner sent to me, it def says wedding arch...
  6. Hey ladies! I'm new at this, so please bare w/ me Anyways Congrats to everyone! My date has been confirmed for July 12, 2013 at the Beach Resort. I have a question...do any of you ladies know how much it is to get a huppah instead of the 'wedding arch" that the package come with? I've seen pics of the arch and it's not cute...lol...the huppah is really pretty though! If anyone knows, I'd appreciate it! I emailed Trisha but still waiting to hear back...
  7. you looked gorgeous! great review! quetion for you...did u have to pay extra for the huppah (as opposed to just having the wedding "arch" which (is ugly!) and comes w/ the package)??
  8. Great review! your wedding looked so amazing! looks like you guys had a great time!! I have a question for you...did u have to pay extra to have the huppah? I know that the 'wedding arch' comes w/ the package, but I really don't like it. do you remember what you paid for the huppah?? thanks!!
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