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    Chiffon Chair Covers

  2. I'm selling 60 ivory chiffon chair covers and clips we had hand made for our wedding last year. We spent $900 for all of them, but I am selling them for $600 obo!
  3. Lorraine222

    Casa Dorada

    triciab, Can you please PM me as well? My wedding is further out, but I have already put my deposit down at Casa Dorada and would like to know what to expect? Were they flexible with your room block rates? Thank you so much for your help!
  4. Lorraine222

    Casa Dorada

    Hi Tori, Can you please PM what you were able to negotiate or what your first offer was? I am having a wedding at Casa Dorada as well, but have not gotten that far in the process yet. I want to know what to expect! Thank you!
  5. Lorraine222

    Cabo Azul Brides!

    Katie and Ashley, Hi! I hope the wedding planning is going well! I recently got engaged, and am seriously considering CAR. Can you please tell me about your experience so far? Katie- I know you said you are using outside vendors for your wedding. How did you go about finding these vendors? Will using outside vendors help cut cost? I noticed that the pricing they had listed on their packet for certain things were unusually high. Please give me any advise you can! I don't know where to start Lorraine