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  1. Those are gorgeous! I just attended a wedding this past weekend with black magic roses and I fell in love with them, fabulous choice! I posted an article with some of these fantastic centerpieces in case it might help/inspire new brides for their destination wedding. Plus it's just so much fun to look at all these amazing centerpieces! Read the article here, I hope you enjoy it :-)
  2. Besides finding the perfect dress (and the perfect guy, of course), one of the most important decisions that will keep you up until the wee hours of the morning revolve around those blasted centerpieces. There are endless choices, and Pinterest makes everything from barrels to jars to tablecloths look so darn good. But destination wedding themes differ from bride to bride - some want a winter wonderland, others a rustic beach atmosphere, and many want it a classic black tie. Well good news! There’s literally a centerpiece for every type of destination wedding bride, and our very own “Post your centerpieces here” thread offers a plethora of creative juices and DIY inspiration. Here are 10 of our favorites from our BestDestinationWedding members, accompanied by links to the post so you can ask questions, gush, and celebrate![/b] One. Centerpiece for deniden. Love what you see? Here’s the post! Two. Centerpiece for JLR1726. Love what you see? Here’s the post! Three. Centerpiece for lshaef. Love what you see? Here’s the post! Four. Centerpiece for EDYTA. Love what you see? Here’s the post! Five. Centerpiece(s) for Julietisurs. Love what you see? Here’s the post! Six. Centerpiece for roxy1122. Love what you see? Here’s the post! Seven. Centerpiece for Janet. Love what you see? Here’s the post! Eight. Centerpiece for DallasAshli. Love what you see? Here’s the post! Nine. Centerpiece for LanaM. Love what you see? Here’s the post! Ten. Centerpiece for proti007. Love what you see? Here’s the post! Which centerpiece is your favorite? Reply in the comments or include a link to your own!
  3. Hey ladies! I recently posted an article on BDW about the best time of the year to get married in different popular locations (forgive my shameless self promotion, read it here!) and was wondering how all you brides who have been there, done that fared at their destination wedding? Was the weather on your side? A good friend of mine got married this past July 14th in Napa Valley (one of the location on the list) and the weather was gorgeous! I expected it to be a little warmer, and it did get pretty hot, but luckily their ceremony started at 6:30pm so it was past the worst of the heat. -- Sharon
  4. By Sharon Kehoe, 9/11/12 When planning a destination wedding, every woman’s worst nightmare is a wedding day weather blunder. Since the world is full of many climates that aren’t always on the same yearly pattern, it’s vitally important to know the best season for your desired destination so you can plan (and dress) accordingly. Some may seek the lushness of fresh rain - after all, rain on your wedding day is good luck in some cultures - whereas others crave clear blue skies. So how about a little meteorology for your convenience? Here’s a list of 10 popular destination locations with a few helpful factoids to design your dream wedding! CABO SAN LUCAS High season (drier and more expensive): October - May Low season (wetter and less expensive): June - September Hurricane watch: Rare if ever. But watch out for the stormy season running from July to October. Temperatures: Summers are hot in the 90s with the coolest months being January and February in the 70s and 80s. We recommend: April - June. Accommodations may not be as pricey but the weather should still be gorgeous. CANCUN / RIVIERA MAYA High season: December - April Low season: May - November Hurricane watch: Possible in the summer and fall weather. Temperatures: The summers get hot and humid in the low 90s, and since they might also contain hurricanes, we suggest you veer from July and August plans. Spring and Winter average highs in the low to mid 80s. We recommend: May, June, or November for low season, you might get great packages for these months. December - February for high season. COSTA RICA High season: December - April Low season: May - November Hurricane watch: Rare if ever. But the rainy season falls during the low season, though this weather can be scattered and inconsistent. Temperatures: The yearly averages stay consistent between the mid 70s to mid 80s, with May through September boasting the highest temperatures. We recommend: October or November for the best deals. December - February for the best weather. CARIBBEAN (Dominican Republic, USVI, Jamaica, Bahamas, Puerto Rico, etc.) High season: December - April Low season: May - November Hurricane watch: Definitely. Hurricane season poses a threat from June to November, with August through October usually being the worst. Though keep in mind, the Western Caribbean tends to miss many of the storms as the Eastern side gets hit more. Temperatures: Summers are hot and humid, peaking in the low 90s whereas the winter time temperatures run in the mid 70s to mid 80s. NAPA VALLEY, CALIFORNIA High season: April - October Low season: November - March Hurricane watch: Nope. Temperatures: Located in Northern California, summers can get hot but the weather stays breathable, ranging from 70s to low 90s. But watch out for rain during the low season. We recommend: April - July for the most spectacular colors and weather. NEW ENGLAND, USA High season: September - November Low season: December - August Hurricane watch: Nope. Temperatures: Nothing beats the photographic fall foliage of New England, but that also calls for a decent jacket with the temperatures ranging from mid 50s to mid 70s (depending on an Indian Summer). If your dream is a summer wedding in New England, then enjoy beautiful weather ranging from mid 70s to mid 80s. We recommend: September or October for the fall foliage. If you want a winter wonderland, we suggest January - March. HAWAIIAN ISLANDS High season: April - October Low season: November - March Hurricane watch: June to November, but very rare. The last hurricane dates back to 1992. Temperatures: Hawaii weather stays fairly consistent from mid 70s to low 90s year round. The rainy season starts in November and ends in April, so prepare for humidity. Enjoy the dry season between May and October, June through August being the hottest of them all. We recommend: January - April, for beautiful weather and decent prices. ITALY High season: April - October Low season: November - March Hurricane watch: Nope. Temperatures: Best time of the year is from April to June because everything is in bloom and the weather is just right (even if the price is not), ranging from 70s to low 80s. July is usually the warmest month boasting 90 degree weather with November usually being the wettest. We recommend: April, May, or June. Although it may be high season, a smaller ceremony can lessen the load. Read what the BDW community recommends here[/size][/font][/background]! FRANCE High season: April - October Low season: November - March Hurricane watch: Nope. Temperatures: France provides a multitude of temperatures, being colder in the northern mountain regions and warmer in the southern cities along the Mediterranean. Average temperatures during high season range from mid 50s to mid 70s, depending on where you travel. We recommend: May - August. You should get great weather up north by Paris, and even better conditions near the Mediterranean in Nice or Marseille. For a more rustic theme, try early November. AUSTRALIA High season: April - September (Aussie winter) Low season: October - March (summer) Hurricane watch: Called cyclones down under, the season occurs between October and early April with the most common cyclone months being January through March. Temperatures: Being in the southern hemisphere, the Aussie seasons are opposite to what most of the world is used to. The summers are too hot for most (except in the very southern regions) while the high season weather provides gorgeous travel, ranging from mid 60s to high 80s with barely any rain. We recommend: May - August. This is the best time of the year when the country is in bloom, but book well in advance.
  5. So much great information in this thread! I recently wrote an article summing things up called "Are Eyelash Extensions Worth It?" in case you don't have time to read through this thread. Thanks for all the excellent tips, ladies!
  6. You’re getting married soon and the last thing you want to worry about are your eyelashes or any globs of mascara running down your face when you see your groom. Well, here’s a trick that will give you gorgeous lash lengths without the need for mascara: Eyelash extensions. You’ve probably seen them on the Kardashians, but are they worth it for your big day? We’re here to help you figure that out! 1. Test Them Out. This is a no-brainer if you’ve never gotten eyelash extensions before, because they’ll either be your best friend throughout this spectacular time or your worst enemy. Find out sooner than later and give them a test run before taking the plunge. 2. Where To Go? It’s possible to self-apply your lashes, but there are professionals for this kind of thing. A lash technician will give you the best advice on what lash color would suit your needs best and will make you look amazing. As for locations, MAC or Sephora are popular places to get made up and get some lashes, but it’s certainly not the only venue in town. BDW members orange_peel and Evgal love NYC’s JJ Eyelashes, but it’s also worth asking around at your nearby nail and hair salons. A place may be right under your nose! 3. Do It Yourself. The same major salons who apply eyelash extensions also tend to sell them for at-home use (like MAC and Sephora). Whether you buy them at a local thrift shop or a salon, sometimes people work better just doing it themselves. Our suggestion? Cut your fake lashes in smaller chunks (try thirds) rather than leaving it as the whole lid arc. It’s easier to apply, plus it will separate the look and make your lashes fuller, giving the impression that you spent some serious cash at a fancy salon. 4. Mascara or no mascara? Yes, that is the question. For the most part, it’s fine to apply mascara to your extensions, just keep it moderate and light. But if you’re getting extensions in the first place, mascara shouldn’t be a major necessity anymore. If you feel the need to add a little more “umphff” to your lashes for a night out, we suggest steering clear of waterproof mascara (one exception being the wedding day) because the chemicals are a bit stronger and might weaken the lash glue. And only apply above where the lashes were glued. The less mess around your eyes, the better! 5. Lash cash. Eyelash extensions aren’t exactly cheap, but it’s about the same price you’d pay for a really great haircut and style - and they’re made to last 4 - 8 weeks (even in the water)! Most prices range from $100 - $500, depending on the location, level of technician, and style. Ladies at JJ Eyelashes in NYC pay from $120 - $200 whereas MAC or Sephora should be less expensive since they aren’t a specialty salon. Buying fake eyelashes in a store would be much less expensive, but may not look the way you’d dreamed. Our suggestion? It’s your big day, go big or go home - we think it’s worth it for such a special day!
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