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  1. LOCATIONS We went to look at all the locations for weddings, cocktail hour, and receptions. We are set on the sky wedding!! We like the Zavaz plaza for the reception. Not sure where we would do cocktail hour. AB has a smaller sky deck which we liked as well but we didnt like the reception places too much. I will say that the beach at AB is WAAAAYYYY better than AS. The reviews of AS beach is true. It was a horrible beach and is absolutely not swimable. Black seewead all thru the beach and it has a brown color. I will say that they do clean it up thru the day but it doesnt really help
  2. Elaine - we did Mad Libs at our cocktail hour to give everyone something to do. Only about half the people filled them out though (the younger people). Everyone said the appetizers were coming out quickly and they'd bring a tray of something, walk it around once, and then it was gone so they didn't have time for Mad Libs! LOL! If your cocktail party is longer than an hour, maybe it would be good to do them then. I asked Lomas to make sure we got them all back at the end and they did. I felt our reception was too small to do it there but as it turns out, our guests had quite a bit of time
  3. Elaine - the setup fee has to be paid in cash at the resort the day of your planning meeting (usually the day after you arrive - they'll tell you at check-in what day and time your meeting with Lomas and the AS wedding coordinator is).
  4. Lomas is a travel company in Mexico that the resorts contract out with. They provide things like transportation to/from the airport, excursions, and private parties. Alot of the resorts contract out all the wedding vendor things to Lomas - flowers, music, decorations, etc. At the Azul hotels, you will have a Miami-based wedding coordinator that you will deal with when planning your wedding from home. Once you arrive in Mexico, you will meet with the wedding coordinator at the resort and also a Lomas wedding coordinator. They each have different jobs they do for you as they prepare for you
  5. We did this and love it! My kids each had their own color and my husband and I each had sand from the beach. I thought we could just scoop it up during the ceremony but the WC said they'd have the vases filled with beach sand for us. They said they like to do it a few hours ahead of time so it dries out and pours easily. I never would have thought of that!
  6. I brought my own shears down - paid $24 for shimmery organza at JoAnne's and it takes up almost no room in the luggage. There will be a setup fee but they usually charge it for the total amount of setup you have for ceremony and reception. From what I've seen before none of the Miami WC will say what the fee is as it is determined at the resort by the onsite WCs. However, now that more and more brides are bringing their decorations, they may change that. Who knows! I put my foot down when they told me it was to be a $250 setup fee and we got it down to $75. We had the smaller gazebo and
  7. Yep, that's correct. We had our reception dinner at Spoon and didn't have music (but that was ok with us). We did have the table decorated but I'm not sure they will do that for a welcome dinner or not.
  8. Hmm, that I don't know because my niece was done with that. I would just bring your own since that's pretty easy to pack.
  9. Hi ladies! I posted my review of Azul Sensatori here: http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/azul-sensatori-hotel-by-karisma-all-inclusive/reviews/6453 Hope it helps all those of you still planning your day. It really helped me to read through these forums while planning my wedding so thank you all for contributing!!! If you have any questions, PM me! Happy Planning!
  10. My brother and sister-in-law brought their 8 month old to our wedding and absolutely loved the resort. They have Gerber baby food available at all the restaurants and from room service. They had a bottle warmer, changing station, age appropriate toys, and a pack-n-play in their room, and were able to borrow a stroller from the front desk. The high chairs at all the restaurants are fully sanitized and sealed with plastic after each use so you know it's clean when you put your child in it. It was really fantastic.
  11. Hi ladies! I just wanted to post about our experience at Azul Sensatori in the hopes that it might help out the brides with weddings on the horizon. This forum was so beneficial to me when I was planning our wedding! I hope this isn't too long but I had a hard time choosing just a few photos and I had a lot to say about our week!! Good luck to everyone in the planning process now. It's sad when it's all over! Week we visited Azul Sensatori: June 24 – July 1, 2012 Wedding day: Tuesday, June 26 For us, picking a day close to arrival was perfect because we didn’t spend all
  12. Small intimate wedding & family vacation

    Pros: family friendly, wonderful staff, great location, fabulous food, tons of activities
    Week we visited Azul Sensatori: June 24 – July 1, 2012   Wedding day: Tuesday, June 26 For us, picking a day close to arrival was perfect because we didn’t spend all week long on “the wedding.” We had a wedding and then a vacation!   Number of guests: 15 (including 3 teens, 1 tween, 1 infant) NOTE: This is my second wedding so we wanted to keep it small (only invited immediate family), had no wedding party, and had my 2 children participate in a sand ceremony with us. I in no
  13. This is a review of:

    ClaudiaPhoto Wedding Photography

    Picture perfect!

    Pros: excellent communication, made us at ease, gorgeous results
    My husband and I got married at Azul Sensatori on 6/26/12.  We originally saw Claudia's photos from our travel agent that had a bride who used Claudia for her wedding.  They were stunning and I knew I wanted her to capture our wedding day!  Unfortunately our resort (and many others in this area of Mexico) are now charging very high vendor fees if you choose to bring in a photographer that doesn't work for the resort.  This forced us into looking more closely at the resort offered photographers. 
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