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  1. What about the Pakal music bar? I saw it in your Akumal photo tour... Looks like a nice place!! Do you think we can reserved that place?? Eugenia(our WC) told us we could discuss different option at our meeting(once we arriverd...) but I would like to know it in advance... Just to be sure we have something reserved for our group... Thank you again for you answers
  2. we are 75 and there is no problem for a ala carte restaurant.. (included in the package) but they offered us to privatized the restaurant at first for extra 35$ per person...
  3. Hi everyone ! I was wondering if anyone had party somewhere else than close to a pool after de wedding dinner ?? It's not that I don't like the idea of a poolside party, but my brother broke is neck few years ago during a pool party in turc and caicos so we would like to have a party as far as possible from the pools ... any suggestions ? Thank you !!
  4. Hi! I have a question for you ladies!! I'm just starting to have some answers to my emails form GBP... For the wedding ceremony, we asked for the beach Hammocks location, and they told us the only time they have is 5.30 pm (8th may 2013)... I found it a bit late, but we really want to get married at that specific place on the resort, so it's not a big deal.... :-) Then I asked to have the wedding dinner at Arlequin's Restaurant (because we really liked that restaurant when we went to GBP 2 years ago...) The manager of the Hotel answered that there is a 10 US$ extra per person for that restaurant, because it is a Gourmet restaurant... Also, he told us the only 2 hours available for dinner was 6pm or 9 pm... Otherwise I have to make a private reception, and it's 35$/person. (we are getting married at 5h30 so 6 is too soon and 9 is to late !) WOW, I am really confused now !! I have 75 guests so 35 $/person is WAY to expensive... We also have to pay for poolside reception after the dinner, DJ, etc. We are already paying 1 200$ for the "wedding package" which is supossed to include the wedding dinner.... I dont' know what to think... Is it normal to have 10 $ extra per person for a Gourmet restaurant? Thank you very much !
  5. Hi! We are getting married at GBP in may 2013... We already reserved the trip for our 78 guests ... But when We reserved the wedding, we were only 40... :-s I wrote 4-5 email to Eugenia to be sure it was ok for the reception (just to be sure we wont have to pay extras because we are too many...) and she never reply... I also wanted to know if it was possible to have the wedding dinner at Arlequin rstaurant (we already came to GBP and lovedd that rstaurant) Do you think we would be ok with that numbers of guests...? Do you think Eugenia's not answering my emails because I am to early (wedding is in 7 months...) Thank youu !!
  6. Bonjour, j'ai vu que tu habites à Québec? Nous allons nous marier au Gran Bahia Principe Akumal du 4 au 11 mai 2013... j'aimerais avoir plus d'informations sur quoi choisir et ne pas choisir pour la réception après le souper.... Je suis à l'avance (8 mois) mais la coordonatrice qu'on m'a attitré n'a pas encore répondu à aucun de mes courriels demandant des informations.... Nous allons être 76 personnes, donc j'aimerais vraiment organiser le tout à l'avance... Est-ce que tu as des trucs? Est-ce que vous aviez engagé un DJ pour la soirée ? Est-ce que tu as fait faire tes cheveux sur place? J'aimerais avoir des conseils !!! merci !!
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