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  1. A boat sounds nice I had the royal package its cost £1250 but had to pay hair, makeup and photos aswell which wasnt cheap salon charging $300 for hair and makeup for 2 adults! All in all we piad £4222 for holiday and wedding package excluding extras x
  2. Hi kathy no not even thought about rain haha! I was going with the palace punta cana but the travel agent I booked with said the bavaro is unreal (she had just returned from there) so it swayed us to book there! The only thing I wish I had been aware of is the legak expenses translations etc xx
  3. Hi glad to hear you are on track! Yeah caribbean emotions are meant to be amazing so I have my fingers crossed! Im having a turquoise theme keeping my reception as beach theme at home too! I got my ceremony time at 2pm happy with that for pics in the sun aswell!! Im pretty much sorted now just need to get there and choose flowers I couldnt pick from the pics she sent! How is maria on getting back to you xx
  4. Im thinking wedges my ceremony is 2pm so I know it will be hot! Did you choose 6pm ddrezek? X
  5. Hi I have been sent a list of pics for flowers yiu get to choose which you want you have to pay extra for orchids though! How are you getting on x
  6. Hi I can't tell you how it looked but i have just paid $300 for my hair and my bridesmaids hair and makeup, bridal hair is $150 and bridesmaid $85 rest was makeup that was in the riu palace bavaro, I'm not sure if they share one but the spa email is paula@renovaspa.com and she gives you a full price list for palace bavaro spa, she also says if you book online you get 10% discount for booking early my price included this! Hope this may help Gemma x
  7. Hi sarah, I can imagine its a nightmare not knowing what your date is! I have chose carribean emotions they have fantastic reviews and pretty well priced, the guy is really helpful too! He has loads of reviews on here! Xx
  8. Hi sarah, Yeah not long to go for me! I'm pretty much organised just booked my hair and makeup with the spa, you get 10% discount doing it online, you can get her email address through the wedding coordinator and you have to pay half upfront through PayPal. I got my hair and makeup and 1 bridesmaids hair and makeup for $300. Have u had any update on your wedding date? X
  9. I know when I booked April and may was coming up a little cheaper but I'm going from the uk! I booked for November but wanted December but the prices was so much more expensive for then January, February and march x
  10. Hi, I think they open the steakhouse for private receptions. I think its about $600 to hire it then dj etc.. On top!? I have heard a few people request pastor York but i never heard anyone bringing their own cant see why it's a problem though! Gemma x
  11. Hi sarah, Thomson has been really good with us, I booked in November and requested fri 6th December at 5.00pm at the time of booking! They pretty much confirmed it there and then but still had to wait for the wedding pack to arrive this gives confirmation of the date and time from the hotel itself! Thomson should have god you available dates for your wedding when you booked? I booked the Royal wedding package at £1200 for about 20 people. To be honest my family and friends booking have been the most stressful part so far we go in 6 month and I still waiting for mydad to book haha! We was going to have the basic package but did Thomson inform you that you have to pay judges fees on top of your wedding that's why we upgraded the package so you get that included as it worked out at about £400? Maria the wedding coordinator is on Dominican time which basically translates as slow haha! But when you ask her a questions he is thorough with the reply usually takes up to 5 days on a bad week! I assume they have to wait for your 5 rooms to be booked before they offer you the free package don't worry I'm sure there will be plenty and on holiday i suppose it doesn't matter what day you get married haha! Hope this helps Speak soon Gemma x
  12. Hi sarah I am getting married there in December 2013 I can help you as much as I can if you want to know anything. How many guests are you planning to take? I have about 15-17 ATM. I assume you booked with Thomson as you are also from the uk! Be good to hear from you Gemma x
  13. Hi I am getting married here on the 6th December, I have booked my package through Thomson uk. I'm having a package that cost £1200 GBP for average 17 people. I really wanted a beach BBQ instead of a sit down meal but they only do this for 30+ people at $50 USD per person which is a shame it's harder to get 30 people from the uk as its a 10 hour flight and over £3000 per couple! I have booked carribean emotions for my photography as the resort photographer has some terrible reviews you do have to pay a $200 vendor fee but their pictures look worth it! I am still awaiting a reply from maria for a salon price list including use of clip in hair extensions but she takes a while to get back although I do understand she has 4 other hotels to deal with aswell! If anyone has any information they would like to share or any questions they might want to ask feel free! Kind regards Gemma xx
  14. Hi she seems to be getting better with replys 3 days this time haha! Thankyou anyway! I have fingers crossed the do a beach bbq instead of sitdown meal. Gemma xx
  15. Hi whiteuny the salon pricelist would be brilliant thanks i dont have it. The beach bbq sounds excellent how do you go about having that instead of a sitdown meal? I agree the price can go up quickly! Ddrezek i am having hair at salon and makeup myself i assume they will do a trial i am having loose waves with a bit up! I chose the beach so not sure about the gazebo option! Surly its the same company you can use it?! Thankyou for replies and in advance for pricelist xx
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