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  1. I'm so sorry for your loss Kirsten. I can't begin to imagine what you are you going through. I hope you can still celebrate your wedding as best you can and know that your mum will be there watching over you. Take care xxx
  2. Thank you. This is a brilliant website!! So excited about the wedding xx
  3. ooops, obviously meant to say 2013!!
  4. Hi everyone. I'm new to this webiste and forums and am addicted already!! So much information to take in! My fiance and I have booked our wedding here for July 2013 and wondering if anyone else is getting married here next July?? Thanks Laura x
  5. Hi everyone, my name is Laura and I'm getting married at this resort in July 2013. Any help/advoce about planning a wedding here would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Laura x
  6. Hi everyone. Been on this website the past few nights and just managed to get round to joining! It's a brilliant website but find it impossible to stay on for less than an hour.....addictive! My fiance Jonathan and I have finally booked our Wedding at the Gran Bahia Principe in Riviera Maya for July 2013. We have been engaged for 3 and a half years and have a 17 month old girl, Lucia. I'm so excited about the wedding and love looking at posts from the GBP. Was just wondering if anyone has any tips for planning wedding here. We've been asked to choose a restaurant for the dinner but don't have a clue what to go for. I'd also like some information about disco's, DJ's and entertainment. Any help/advice would be much appreciated. Thanks Laura (from Elgin, in the North East of Scotland)