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  1. Congrats on your wedding!! I am also getting married in Punta Cana next year. Do you happen to have any contact info for Dj Mannia? The link that is posted on BDW does not work and I am having no luck googling the company... thanks!
  2. Hey brides! My fiance and I are a DEFINITE on a PC wedding. Problem is - we've gone back and forth between quite a few resorts and now I've come across Jellyfish and Kukua which sound like a much better idea. Does anyone have pictures to share from either as well as their own experiences? The websites don't give a whole lot and it's so much more reassuring to see REAL pics from RECENT weddings. Thanks everyone!!
  3. Guidance - Do you have pics available to share??
  4. Hi all! I'm a newly engaged bride and we've decided on a DR wedding. We were just about to book at Now Larimar but then I came across Jellyfish... does anyone out there have pics to share from their wedding at Jellyfish? With 140 pages that go along with this particular forum, I didn't have a chance to scroll through all to look for links! I saw some from the website and more on their FB page... but I was hoping to see something more recent and more detailed... and that includes the ceremony and reception. Thank you!!