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  1. Not sure how much time you have left, but you may want to buy a portable steamer. They pack pretty well and don't take that much space. I'm bringing two for the girls and the guys just in case anything gets wrinkled.
  2. If you made prior arrangements and booked before it was turned over to new owners, your previous pricing and everything discussed is still being honored.
  3. Are you close to an office that does emergency passports? A friend of mine had to get one done because his travel agent did not tell him that he needed to make sure his did not expire within 6 moths of travel to St. Lucia and he was able to get one within hours. If she completed everything in her name change process it should be fairly easy to do. If she didn't officially change her name with Social Security, etc. it may not work out. Anyway, hoping things work out for you. No matter what as long as it is you and your fiance and you end up married all is well. (That is what I have had to tell myself because people who were supposed to be there now have excuses!)
  4. I'm so happy to see a positive review from a recent bride. What time of day did you have booked?
  5. I got in touch with Daniel twice, but since the point of giving my proof of deposit he has not responded again (that was January 2nd). I have sent follow up emails with no success of a response. The email that I reached him on was caribbeanboatrestaurant@hotmail.com (just in case you ladies want to try another one).
  6. It also looks like they are creating a new website with yet another email address. I am going to try that one and see if it gets me anywhere.
  7. I have emailed three times and still no response. I am beyond frustrated.
  8. I have emailed the new address three times and have not heard back.
  9. I'm extremely nervous right now. When dealing with Flori I never had to wait long for a response. I was never contacted about the change in ownership and have yet to get someone to e-mail me back about my reservation. I've already paid my deposit and would really like to have my welcome party on the boat as scheduled, but this lack of professionalism really concerns me. Has anyone had any recent positive interaction or do I need to just see my deposit as a sunk cost and move on?
  10. You can also try modwedding.com. That is the one we used, I haven't added the music yet, but it is free to do so.
  11. We also booked the boat, but for our "rehearsal" dinner. We wanted to do something a little different for our guest away from the resort. Flori has been amazing to work with, she is very punctual with responding to e-mail. The boat is also extremely reasonable for what you get. I couldn't find an excursion that would cost us less so we went with the boat.
  12. We are getting married at HRPC. We are also doing the cocktail hour immediately following, but are not sure of what we will do after that point. All I can say is that there are several things that people can do at the resort so don't feel too bad about it. It is a destination wedding and you do it for flexibility. I would just make people aware of it as early as possible through your website. How many people are you expecting?
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