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  1. to all brides and Congratulations!!! Hope all your plans are going well, and for those who already had their wedding hope it was the best time ever! I can't believe how time fly's! My wedding is just around the corner and feeling a little nervous and anxious!!! 4 months to go and now getting my workout on! Insanity workout is insane, It's kicking me in the behind. Does anyone know of DJ Mannia??? Any info would be appreciated. THX!!!
  2. Hello Ladies, Congratulations to you all =) I'm getting married at Majestic Elegance and heard of all the great reviews on DJ Mannia, Does anyone know of pricing or are their package deals??? I want my guest to have the best party ever!!!
  3. LOL! Oops, Hope you had the best wedding ever! Enjoy and wish to happieness for a lifetime.
  4. , Yayyy!!! I will be at the ME ceremony at 5 pm at the Gazebo. Whooopie!! Lol! 5 months to go, can't believe how time flys.
  5. I'm having the same problem. I was thinking about cocktail hour then following the reception. But that will only give me one hr of photos. I don't think its enough time.
  6. Congrats!!! On finding your gown, I also found mines there as well. RK Bridal has so many selections, best place to go to in New York City. Wish they had other locations.
  7. Hi!, Never heard of the love letter ceremony sounds interesting, I will diffinately check it out.
  8. Hi!! =D Tulumbride2013 I took a look at the allure gown OMG! SOOOOO GORGEOUS!!! I advise that you try on the dress before putting anything down. Don't worry, listen it took me many gowns to finally make my decision, and believe me when you found the gown you will know in your heart body and soul that it's the one. Just like when you knew that your fiance was the one =) lol! I have tried on so many gowns it's crazy and what's even more crazy my gown is also an allure. Allure 2501 and believe me it was nothing that I imagine me wearing. I had a whole different idea of what gown I wanted. My bridal consultant was the one who picked it out for me. When I tried on the gown I was blown away. I had to think about it because it was so overwhelming for me. Then I told myself, that I will try on 4 gowns that I liked prior to that one I loved. So I waited for one month to do this. So as I tried on the dresses and when I tried on the one that I loved that I told myself maybe this one is not the one. I was in for a roller coaster, because when it was time to try the dress on again after not seeing it for a month OMG! I was so nervous and litterally shaking, I felt an attachment and couldn't believe it. I ignored the feeling ang tried on another and then tried the one I knew gave me the chills. My reaction was the same, I was nervous and silent, then the tears came flowing down my face. I even told the consultant that I was sorry for crying, she told me "don't be sorry" and that the reason why I was crying is because I knew that it was the gown for me. So I am encouraging you that when you try on that gown or when you feel something in your heart don't ignore it, you will know when you found the gown. I hope that you find the dress and by the way that Allure 2515 is beautiful. Wish the best to you and congrats!!!!! =) Bride23
  9. Hello Ladies and brides to be of 2013, Hope your planning is going well and the way you planned it to be. Remember to relax and take it easy because planning can be a stress for some of us. By the way I'm still planning my wedding at the Majestic Elegance Resort, Punta Cana, D.R. On May 25th 2013. I'm so excited and even more excited to know that I finally found my gown. I found my gown at RK Bridal at 39th St, New York. I would love to know how everyone else is doing with finding the perfect gown. Maybe we can all share some pictures of eachothers gowns if interested. I'm so excited for the upcoming brides. Please feel free to share your thoughts. Bride23=)
  10. Hi! Tink Thanks! =) I can't stop talking about the wedding either, I feel like my everyday goal is to do something regarding the wedding or maybe watching some bridal shows like (four weddings, say yes to the dress, and I found the gown). OMG! I'm so addicted and excited. I live uptown manhanttan so I'm not that far from you. So I'm guessing that you work at the Old Navy near your area. I use to work at the GAP at 34th St, New York. By the way I love your fans very creative and pretty colors. I know that you mentioned you went to a wedding in Majestic Elegance. I have a question do they provide their own fans or do you have to purchase your own? Did your friends have an outdoor reception? when was the wedding? I was thinking about having my reception outdoor at either the parrot bar or wet bar not sure which one is more appealing. I already found my gown, did you find yours? ttyl, =) Bride23
  11. Hiiiii =D Congrats!!! To save the date for your wedding you must confirm with your wedding coordinator at the resort.
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