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  1. Lol! i'm sure i'll be the same! It really does look great on you They've fixed what I asked them to and I think it looks good, better than I ever thought a copy would! I'm paying the balance now, but its the end of their working day now so it might be tomorrow before they can ship it then they said 4 0r 5 days woooohoo.
  2. That's really horrible, Imagine if that was your real date? I'm sure not everyone thinks to make up a fake date. After I emailed them to make amendments to the dress they emailed me back again this morning with the finished dress and said they would ship it tomorrow. My fake date is a week on Saturday so that's cutting it very close. What is the dress like that they are making?
  3. Thanks 2012mrstobe! Its a step in the right direction, but i wont be completely happy until i have the dress in my hands! I seen a little bit back the trouble you were having and i'm so glad it worked out! Your dress is absolutely stunning! Can't wait to see the pics on you when it arrives! x
  4. Hello again! I've just had pictures! They've done a great job! I've asked them to fix 2 little things (the tulle around the sweetheart neck line looks a little baggy....and the lace points that come off of the corset don't come down far enough) But the overall shape of the dress looks great! i'll try and post the pictures, but last time it wouldn't let me because i was new :/ x
  5. Hi again! I emailed them twice today and said that I expect pictures today or I want a refund and i'd write a bad review on a wedding forum and i've literally just got a reply (as if by magic ) saying they are so sorry and that I will get my pictures today. its 0530am over there just now so might have to wait a few more hours! But i'm still a bit scared... Hope it works out for us both, Heather. I will keep you posted! Amanda x
  6. Hello! I've tried to reply to this a coulple of times but think it failed because of the picture? Heather, my situation is almost identical to yours! I'm with Gianinar Bridal. Paid deposit, told them my wedding was august 18th when its really September 22nd... They told me it would be 30 days and they were up last Thursday. They then says they needed an extra couple of days to finish and they would send pictures on Saturday and since then I've had no pictures and zero contact!... I'm worried and stressed! Amanda X
  7. Hi all... Took a while to read ALL the pages....but well worth it! Currently awaiting pictures of my dress from GianinarBridal (They told me It would be finished 4 days ago but needed more time! :s) My inspiration dress was the Maggie Sottero 'Nora' which i tried on in a bridal boutique and absolutely loved! Fingers crossed I get the pictures soon and that its a decent copy!! Here's the 'real' Nora....
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