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  1. I seriouslydoubt that a Catholic priest would allow a Pagen rite during a Catholic wedding
  2. First, most Catholic churches do not allow unity ceremonies because they aren't part of the liturgy. Second, anytime someone describes a ritual of any sort as "overdone" it makes me side eye because it should be about the meaning behind it, which should not be affected by how many other people have done it. If you're willing to not do it just because it's too common for you, you probably shouldn't do it all.
  3. A pro makeup artist should ABSOLUTELY be able to cover up mild acne. Have you scheduled a makeup trial? That should ease your concerns
  4. Problem is my dermatologist doesn't have anything open for a month
  5. Hi ………………! We took a 14 day honeymoon in CA last year, in 14 days we had 20 minutes of rain. We flew into San Fran from Detroit, spent 4 nights there, rented a convertible, and drove down the coast of CA on the Pacific Coast Hwy all the way to Coronado Bay near San Diego, and returned to Michigan from the San Diego airport. Multi-city flights are not that much more than round trip. We stayed at various places along the way (Carmel, Santa Barbara, Malibu, then Coronado). The views are fabulous, there are plenty of beaches (though we are not beach people), we did the Hollywood touristy stay, went to the Monterey Aquarium (best I've ever seen). You've traveled to a lot of great destinations, so this might be a bit boring to you, but for us it was perfect. If you want more info, just send me a private message via link below with your email address and I can send you some info. The email address is important because without it I can't send you anything.
  6. I think that you're going to run into making things a little more formal and a little less relaxed when you do a plated meal. That also kind of changes your timeline for the day. Keep in mind that most afternoon receptions are a little shorter (like Stage's) and even with dancing it might not go on as long. You didn't mention alcohol, but that might also affect things like length and whether you want to do dancing. Not always, but it's just about knowing your circle. My wedding is going to be more like Stage's, we're also starting at 2 and doing a lot of different finger foods and maybe one larger carving station. It'll be a ton of food, but not in a plated meal or really buffet style. In my circle buffet style is more common (I've never been to a wedding with a plater dinner), so that's what we're more comfortable with. Maybe talk to your reception hall and see what other brides have done in your situation or what they normally serve for lunch.
  7. I think if you want to do a whole lunch you totally can. Carving station(s), veggies, the whole nine yards. You could also go the "tea" route and have finger sandwiches, scones, things of that nature. Dang it, now I want to go to high tea!
  8. We went on Thursday, their second day. Not sure the opening hours but if you can't get through directly to the store maybe ring Intercontinental. We had a lovely experience with Alana. We were free to browse and try what we wanted and she had some great suggestions as well. We also received valet parking and the hotel staff ne
  9. I think i will say something to her when we go bridesmaid dress shopping next week. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t make me feel bad. I guess in a way I’m lucky my sister and her are so different in body types and looks, so I just keep saying to her “Well remember that it needs to suit my sister and look good on her as well†Driving me crazy.
  10. Yeah,I agree with you so much.Especially coats are must have item for this winter ladies.
  11. I like this trend at Marcs at the moment - plum, racing green and navy blue.
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