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  1. yes, there was a bar set up outside by the dancefloor
  2. I did the cocktail hour open bar, then the dinner open bar, then 3 hours of the middle option. Worked out great!
  3. Our ceremony started at 5pm, and we had to start getting ready early--- around 9am. All of my bridal party and I got both hair and makeup done, and that took a long time. The photographer came to the room at 2pm, and we had pictures in the room and then we had "first look" photos taken at the resort. Our guests headed to the JF around 4-ish and we headed there around 4:30.
  4. Our guest paid between $450-$800 from NYC area, and $600 was about average
  5. I was able to do it through Bank of America, and I did not have an account with them.... I did it as a transfer. Maybe try another branch? After I made the transfer, I scanned the confirmation receipt they gave me, and emailed it to Mayte, so that there was a record of it via email as well.
  6. I worked with Yessica (and Massiel) on site and they handled things very well when it came down to it. I know the communication process beforehand can be frustrating, but they were very accomodating when we got there.
  7. Also, if you can afford to, it may pay to fly business class down there, as you are allowed (2) 70lb suitcases at no additional charge...
  8. The cocktail party was part of my contract with the hotel. They automatically gave me the bracelets; I got marrried on May 11, 2013. We stayed at the Paradisus Palma Real and moved to the Reserve for our honeymoon.
  9. FYI- I am also in the NYC area, and Patty is on the west coast, but we never had any problem with communications..... Everything was done on the phone/email and it worked out perfectly.
  10. Yes, I used Patty at Wright Travel (who was awesome). Everyone booked through her using the group rate. We had 42 guests, plus us. With that group rate, I also received a free cocktail party, which I used for welcome cocktails. I also still got the bride/groom bracelets at the resort. It did not matter that our actual wedding was off-site.
  11. we used arrecife as well and chose the largest photography package, I think I got 350 or 400 photos... They waived the taxes b/c we paid cash. We also used the videography services and got a trailer as well as a longer video.
  12. I have heard good things about the JF DJ and the benefit to using him is that there is no time limit. I used DJ Mannia, they did a good job, but there was a time limit and the were more expensive than Mayte's DJ.
  13. Our rehearsal cocktail party was at 6:30 and I had candles as part of my centerpieces, and they could not light them. If you have your heart set on candles, maybe get the flameless type....
  14. We stayed at the Paradisus Palma Real- it was absolutely beautiful, no complaints!
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