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  1. I find the information from the hotel purposely vague and confusing. I’m having a very hard time trying to figure out what our wedding costs would be. We are on a very tight budget and can’t book anything until we have an idea of what we are getting into. We would like the following (complementary package + services): We are having a very short symbolic ceremony, officiated by my brother. Does not have to be at the beach, but it should have music. A cocktail party, does not have to be private, could be at the bar. Dinner (Anywhere) Music and dancing (Either DJ or IPOD) Mariachi Band It would be fantastic (I would be eternally grateful), if those of you who got married recently could give us 2013 brides an idea of what you actually paid. Also, if you had dinner, how long did it take? If you had dancing, how long did it last? If you had private functions where you charged for the time over the 2-3 hours? Thank you soooo much!