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  1. Hi Ladies! I also love the look of the paper lanterns. I think it is a super cute idea I spoke with my travel agent today (who got married at this resort last Aug) and she said if you send Balkis a picture of the way you want something set up she will let you know if they can replicate the idea. My agent had the wedding arch and chairs set up right near the ocean... It looked cute and I didn't see any speedos in her pics lol. Right now I am waiting for Balkis to comfirm that April 9, 2013 is still available (fingers crossed). After I hear back from her I am going to put my deposit on the flight... I'm getting really excited! . I'm very interested to know which ceremony locations are available to us and at what cost. I like the gala room (which I believe is indoors) if it rains cuz I really want to spend our day outdoors as much as possible. I'm hoping I can reserve the pool lounge area or something like that.... Did you ladies decide if you are doing a legal or symbolic ceremony?
  2. Thanks for the information Jolene! I was really hoping it would cost approx. $1300 but what can ya do!? Thanks for letting us know about the additional prices. They seem very reasonable. I remember when I was looking at resorts in Jamaica, additional bouquets were $50 each!!!! crazyness. Have you decided if you are going with the resort photographer or are you looking at photographers in Havana as well? Also, did you decide on the ceremony location? if so, which location did you choose? I noticed there are three options (beach gazabo, garden gazabo and pool gazabo). I like the idea of having the cememony near the ocean although it didn't look like there was a place for guest to sit... correct me if I am wrong. I found centre pieces that I fell inlove with.. they are white lanterns and have a vintage feel to them... they suit my theme and I got them for a good price. I need to bother people to add a couple to their suitcases as I purchased 12 LOL. Once you find out prices on decorations, please let us know what our options are and prices I'm trying to take the easy way out and not send save the date cards. Once I confirmed the week and ceremony date I am going to send out the invitations. Let me know what you decide to do:)
  3. Hi Ladies! I heard back from my TA today about ceremony availability and prices. Below are the prices she quoted for me for April 2013. What you do think of the prices??? I though that they were a little high, especially for Cuba. Iberostar Varadero 04 April - 11 April Standard Room Total per person based on double occupancy $1190.00 + $280.16 tax 06 April - 13 April Standard Room Total per person based on double occupancy $1393.00 + $280.16 tax *1 complimentary passenger for every 20 paying adult (the 21st is free), based on double occupancy, excluding taxes. I was also told that the resort is in the prossess of revising their wedding package. I am going to ask my agent when the package(s) come into effect tomorrow.
  4. Hi Sagesma! Congrats on your engagement! My Fiance and I were looking at the Iberostar Rose Hall Suites as well. The resort and weddings look beautiful... I received a quote to fly out of Toronto in June 2013 and the price was approx $1700. I must stick to a $1500 pp budget in order for my guests to come alone (which is really important to me!). I don't have the WC direct email or telephone number but if I receive it from my travel agent tomorrow, I will pass the email/telephone number along to you.
  5. opps my bad... Nov 2013 isn't exactly around the corner haha... I was thinking Nov 2012
  6. Jolene, November is right around the corner!! eee so exciting! you must have your invitation sent out and all that eh? what does your guest list look like? have you hear back re: wedding packages? if so, can you share the information? When I touch base with my travel agent tomorrow I will ask her if she received a confirmation number for her wedding and let you know. Also, Jolene.. where are you from? Toronto, ON area? A lot of questions, I know LOL
  7. Thanks Shauntel and happy labour day I like the simplicity but I can see why you would get a little nervous not having a confirmation number. Which ceremony times were available to you, if any? It seems like all the brides who get married at this resort get married at 4 pm. I bet you are super excited to have the resort confirmation! now you can start looking into smaller details.
  8. Hi Ladies! You are right Jolene028, I haven't seen much posted... maybe b/c American's can't travel to Cuba? I'm still waiting to hear back from my travel agent at the flight centre with ceremony availability for March and April. My travel agent hosted her destination wedding at this resort last August and she said that it was a great time and didn't have any complaints. I feel reasured by that news! Shawntel can I ask you what the initial paperwork involves? Do you have to give a deposit, if so, how much? etc.
  9. Hi Shauntel! I am working with my travel agent right now and I hope we can confirm a date in 2013 (hopefully in March or April). Where are you at with your planning??
  10. Hello to all! I spent a lot of time yesterday reviewing previous posts and I am SO HAPPY that a site like this exists with wonderful people to communicate with!! I'm getting married on April 9, 2013 and can't wait! Cheers to Spring 2013 NOW Sapphire brides
  11. Brought some tears to my eyes as well!! you and your wife look beautiful together!
  12. Hi Noxx!! I am getting married at the Now Saphhire one day after you! When I picture my wedding, I don't see myself in a veil... I also tried a couple on and I didn't like them. I have been to a couple destinations weddings and both brides did not wear a veil. You can always buy a veil and then decide if you want to wear it the day of the wedding, depending on the wind levels, etc..... Right now I am thinking about wedding times as well. I think 6 pm is a good time if you want sun set pictures( the sun will set just before 8 pm). Let me know what you decide to do!! I am debating between the eternal and devine package.... not sure if I want all the little extras the divine package includes right yet. Question for you.... are you doing a legal or symbolic ceramony?? and where do you think you want to hold the wedding? on the beach?
  13. Hello to all! My name is Kayla and I'm getting married at the Now Sapphire Riviera Cancun resort on April 9, 2013. I can't wait! I've been working with Anal at the resort and we just started talking about ceramony times and wedding packages. Right now I am debating on what time to hold the wedding ceramony. I took a look online and the sun will set just before 8pm on April 9, 2013. I would like have beautiful sunset pictures so I am thinking to hold the ceramony at 6 pm. What are your thoughts on this?!
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