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  1. I have the caprice package because we have 33 people attending so it made sense for the amount of people going. I decided to rent the disco for two hours after the dinner because the beach reception seemed so pricy. Getting married in July so we will see how it all plays out I'm relaxed about it and whatever it is it is- we will have a great time!
  2. Any recent reviews of ROR steel drum band? I'm considering having them play at our wedding in July.
  3. We are having a hard time deciding ourselves. We are getting married in Jamaica and wanted something that was a little jamaican inspired at least. Having trouble with that hahah Any other ideas?
  4. I booked them to photograph my wedding and am crossing my fingers that things have improved. They have been very easy to communicate with all along and the pictures on the website look amazing. Getting married in July and hope everything works out well with them !
  5. Oh god...That's awful. I am in the midst of talking with them right now and its been a struggle all along...Does anyone have any other recommendations on who to use? Any info on Jan's flowers?
  6. Congrats! I bought my lanterns on groupon from wishlantern.com- Havent used them yet but they look really great and easy to pack. Just check if your resort will allow you to use them!
  7. Does anyone know if the beach party still is on Monday nights? Most of us are arriving on a Monday and I'm trying to put together a travel brochure with some events...
  8. We are getting married on July 4th! I couldn't be more excited! Anyone on here working with tai flora? Just curious...
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