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  1. Hi Jocel26, Â I have a few quick questions. I am getting married next week :-) 1. Did you arrange airport transfer or rent a car? 2. Which dj did you use? 3. Which cold appetizers did you choose? Â Â Thanks Denise
  2. Hi SexyCebuana, The initial deposit is 100 when booking with the miami office. I read that that 500 fee was needed at time of check in. Luckily it seems untrue. I'll confirm with the hotel and send a follow up.
  3. SimplenSweet, Thank you for providing this. I am having a hard time securing transportation from the airport to the resort. Do you have a company you can refer? Also, I read in another thread regarding a $500 credit card hold per room at check-in time. Is this true? Thanks in advance. Denise
  4. Hi Mufin! Congratulations! We share the exact wedding date! The time is drawing near and it's nerve wrecking. Have you secured transportation for your guest? Denise
  5. SimpleSweet congrats!!!! I am so happy it all worked out for the best. Your tips will help me avoid unnecessary hassle. As far as your centerpieces, did you carry on glass? I have about 30 glass vases that I want to Carryon but the airlines haven't confirmed if its ok. How did if work for you?
  6. Hello ladies! My wedding is in February 2013. I've been working directly with the AskMe office in Miami, which manages the group reservationss. Has anyone had experience with working with this office or Cecilia?
  7. Hi SexyCebuana, This photographer loop-hole is amazing. I really want another photographer. Which contract is this information located in? Thanks in advance. Denise
  8. Hello Ladies,   I have tons of rhinestone iron-on transfers to Do-it-Yourself bridal party gifts. I ordered more than needed. I am selling each decal for $2. Using them is simple. Simply stick the decal on fabric, iron and YOU'RE done. I also have pearl garland in purple and cream for sale.  Decals: ·    Bridezilla ·    Bride to Be ·    Bridal Party ·    I Do ·    Flower Girl ·    Bachelorette ·    Mother of the Bride ·    Maid of Honor ·    Bridal Belles ·    Vegas Bride ·    Kisses 25¢ Feel free to PM or email me at hairama27@gmail.com Â
  9. Hi SimplenSweet, I am getting married in Feb 2013 and was unable to visit the resort. Do you have pictures that you can share? My email is DV1016@gmail.com Thanks! Denise
  10. hi LoriOlivia! I am having my wedding in Feb 2013. Would you mind sending me the pictures that you forwarded to other brides? My email dv1016@gmail.com I am having a tough time selecting the ceremony, cocktail and reception space. I was unable to visit so anything can help at this point. Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi Kelly, I've reserved my wedding for February 2013. What do the prices for the additional items look like?
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