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  1. Hi fellow brides! I've been searching the forums to see any recent posts about the best places to buy biodegradable sunscreen for our wedding guests, but I can't seem to find anything recent. I'm looking for biodegradable sunscreen with a SPF of at least 30 to put into our welcome bags. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'd appreciate all thoughts!
  2. Hi all, My fiance and I are leaving in a week to meet with several hotels in the Puerto Morelos area for our wedding, but I'm afraid I might not have done my research well enough. I'd love suggestions for what hotels to check out! Right now we're visiting Marina El Cid, Azul Beach (and its sister hotels) and Now Jade, but I'm reading mixed reviews about each. I'd prefer a smaller, boutique-y hotel, or at least one that feels like it, that has is a great value. Let me know your thoughts! Thanks! Lauren
  3. Update: I received a few PMs with responses - thanks so much! I appreciate the great advice.
  4. Hi all, I am in the midst of planning a November site inspection to Puerto Morelos. I have done a ton of research (there is still so much more to do) and I have found out a great deal of information. But I'm stuck on one very important detail. I read that I should work with a travel agent who has experience with destination weddings, because she/he can help negotiate group rates on both the plane tickets and the room block at the hotel we choose. However, I just read that I should work with DestinationWeddings.com, because they do the same as the travel agent plus more. Does anyone have experience with either? I contacted a travel agent and have had several wonderful conversations. I was planning on working with her as soon as I had a better idea of the hotel we want and date, but after reading the DestinationWeddings.com site (http://www.destinationweddings.com/WhyChooseUs.aspx), I'm concerned. Thanks for any and all thoughts! Lauren
  5. Hi all, My fiance and I want to have a Catholic wedding ceremony in Puerto Morelos. We know the downtown part of the town has a chapel and we recently heard about Marina Maroma. Does anyone have any experience with having a Catholic ceremony at either of these locations? I read somewhere that we need to show proof of our baptism as well as proof of confirmation. Does anyone have any tips? I'm visiting Puerto Morelos in November for site inspections for both the ceremony and hotels, so any suggestions or tips would be SO helpful!
  6. Yes, that's it! Thank you so much :-) I really appreciate it. Now...I just have to find one that fits :-) THANK YOU!
  7. Hi all, I'm Lauren and I just joined the forum yesterday. My fiance and I are hoping to get married in Puerto Morelos or the immediate surrounding area and we're just getting to the planning phase. We would like to have a Catholic wedding, so we're searching for a chapel or church nearby, and then hope to have the reception at a lovely, nearby hotel! Thanks for any and all suggestions. This is getting to be FUN! Lauren
  8. Hi all, I stumbled across my DREAM wedding dress on a blog but I don't know where to find the dress. Does anyone know where i can find this dress, featured in Elizabeth Medina's blog? http://www.elizabethmedinaphotography.com/blog/category/locations/mayan-riviera-weddings-locations-2/page/5/ Thanks for any and all suggestions! Lauren
  9. Hi all! I'm new to the forum and I've found it very helpful so far. I'm hoping to get some feedback on having a Catholic wedding in Puerto Morelos. The idea would be to get married in the chapel in town and then have the reception at one of the hotels (where all the guests and family would be staying). Has anyone done that? Lauren
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