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  1. Hi, I got married on the beach @EPM last month and I had peep toe wedding shoes for the walk from the hotel down to the beach. I then went barefoot on the sand down the aisle and the sand wasn't hot even though the ceremony was at 3pm on a scorching day! The bridesmaids had silver high heels which they also slipped off before stepping onto the beach. All the brides/bridesmaids who had beach ceremonies seemed to do this then put their shoes back on after photos ready for X lounge cocktails! The Groom wore TOMS shoes which are perfect for the sand. They basically look like shoes but are like beach slip ons and he put his formal shoes on after photos. If you are staying in a roof top terrace like us in Block 9 ask to walk down the path towards the Gazebo. Its a beautiful walk and looks brilliant on the wedding video. Our co-ordinator tried to get me to go down to the beach through some shrubs/stepping stones but my dress was way too big for that plus the 'aisle' walk was stunning. Hope this helps. So jealous of people leaving for Mexico I want to go back already !!
  2. Here are just a few of our photos - the In-House team (Blue Lens/VIP) did a brilliant job for us
  3. Hi ladies, I got married @ EPM on 14th June 2012 and it was amazing! We did barefoot on the beach and Llenny Gomez was brilliant and very organised, I'd never heard of a Nayeli I did all my organising through Llenny who always replied to me within 24hrs. I'll post some pictures to give you an idea - we are from England so I wanted to make the most of the tropical location so our colour theme and flowers are VERY colourful. Hope you like them.... Katie x
  4. Hi, I got married at EPM on June 14th and we did barefoot on the beach. It's easy to slip off your shoes right before you get to the beach and put them back on for your reception afterwards. All the other brides and bridesmaids did the same otherwise you probably would have trouble walking on the sand. I had quite a heavy and long dress (totally not right for the beach but I loved it !) and it was much easier without worrying about falling over. I'll post some of my pics up soon x
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