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  1. Hi Ladies, me again!! Has any past brides had to have their dress steamed at resort, as I'm packing mine in an airline travel box, and panicking that it will be creased. Thanks, oh and we fly in 5 sleeps, 2 weeks today I will be a married woman!!! Xx
  2. Thank you ladies, I will leave a review and attach some photos! I'm having sleepless nights with excitement, I feel like a child again lol. Still haven't sorted music, but packed and ready to go!! Xx
  3. Evening ladies, I have 10 more sleeps until we fly to Jamaica, I'm just so excited!!! As its only husband 2B and me, I haven't made my mind up on restaurant for dinner. However, requested Chris Lee for photography, silver package plus TTD and video. Rashel Edwards for hair & make up. Resort for nails! Just need to pack, sort music, alter dress slightly, and the norm last minute bits, and I think that's it! Oh and flowers when we get to resort(tropical). I'm on countdown!!!! Xxx
  4. To the recent brides, Congratulations, your reviews are sooo helpful, Thank you. And the photos are Beautiful! I leave in 12 days time, everything nearly done and I'm very excited. Can anyone tell me if they received the 'free' photos only from the resort photographer? I have provisionally booked the silver package(25 photos included + 10 free). TTD & video. I'm thinking of doing away with the silver package & just have 10 free, TTD & video. It's only me & H2B, and wondering if I really need sooo many photos,(50 in total) to be in an album, stored in a cupboard looked at once a year!!! We are also having an AHR and having a photographer, any advice please ladies?
  5. Hi again, From what I remember to upgrade to bouquet 90 was $88 and number 91 was $120 plus taxes. I have chosen 164, looks lovely, but think it will come up small!!
  6. Hi, I'm getting married 31st May, tho will be in the resort from the 22nd. Nearly got everything done, apart from losing weight and getting fit oops xx
  7. Hi Ladies, I am having the free bouquet for my wedding, one of the Tropical Bouquets., They look beautiful. It Seems to be alot of money to upgrade, to roses, orchids etc when it's just H2B & me on the day. Then on our return, I am having my flower of choice for Our party. Has any past brides had their room upgraded? Anyone getting married in May 2013? Thanks
  8. Wow, your pictures are amazing!! Just stunning! Thanks for your review, really really helpful. I'm on countdown, just over 3 months to go!! Xx
  9. Thank you for your help! Much appreciated, just anxious & excited now!
  10. Hi Ladies, I'm getting very excited as my wedding date is getting nearer(31st May 2013). I too am using the resort photographer, as its just me & hubby to be, Im reluctant to pay $800 plus the photographers fee! Am hoping the resort photographer will do a great job. Could any of you past brides let me know which restaurant is best to have our dinner, my h2b can't eat anything with gluten. So meat & veg ideal. Also we are getting married at 2 pm , and am concerned what time we will sit for dinner. If its 7pm we have a few hours to pass by, and I really don't want to get changed and sit by the pool ! Would like to keep my dress on all day, but don't want to look daft floating about in it. Is it possible to book a private dinner? Did you book excursions through holiday company or privately? Any help appreciated, Thanjs.
  11. If there are any brides getting married here on 30th May or 1st June-i have found a photographer who is available,she will become guests at the hotel,therefore we shouldnt have to pay $800. Let me know if anyone interested,Thanks.
  12. Hi, Thanks for the reply. I will definately look into using our own vows,i like the idea of that!!! We don't qualify for the free wedding,as to qualify a minimum amount of rooms have to be booked,and as it 's only us 2,we have to pay. Think our 'keep it minimal' is going out of the window lol.
  13. Hi,i'm new & thought i would drop by & introduce myself. I'm Anna,live in Norfolk,England and am getting married on 31st May 2013 in Jamaica,oh and am very very excited!! Me & H2B are eloping,as it is both our 2nd marriages,and hopefully will be far less stressful than involving everyone else.Although its killing me not being able to share my excitement with my friends & family. I have been viewing this site for a while,and have got some great tips & advice,and hopefully be able to share my wedding story with people too. Thanks xx
  14. Hi Ladies, I am getting married at this resort in May 2013,and really can't wait. Me & H2B are eloping to get married, am looking forward to out little 'secret' wedding. I have so far come across 2 cliches,which i wasn't informed of at the time of booking. 1) If we want to organise our own photographer,we will be charged US$800 by the hotel for the privilege. & 2} I want to book Rashel Edwards for Hair & makeup,but the hotel now advises me that a US$75 day pass will be required for her. Considering we are not making use of the full package we have paid for ie bottles of champagne for upto 25 guests,meal for upto 25 guests,i feel these charges are a bit of a cheek. I have heard mixed reviews on the resort photographer,but just can't warrant paying extra$800 ontop of quite expensive photographers fees. On a different note, have any of you ladies written/used your own wedding vows in the ceremony?If so.do they have to include any mandatory wording,or is the legal part left down to the minister. Thanks Anna x
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