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  1. Hi ladies, I'm pretty new this website... I was wondering what questions I should ask our WC on our first phone interview? I want to ask the right questions and want to see what questions did other brides ask... I want to make compare and contrast other brides questions and make sure I don't forget to ask some things... If some can tell what questions they asked or direct me to a good forum that discuss these issues. I gladly appreciate it! Thanks in advance! Happy planning!
  2. Hey to answer your question, we arriving may 16 and we are asking our guest to arrive may 16-19th. Are letting your guest stay at other resorts beside beaches?
  3. Wow that's great!!! I send my STDs, booked our resort, picked our colors and wedding party and I picked my dress and I know what suits the groom and groomsmen are wedding. This week im speaking with the wedding coordinator over at the resort I can't wait!
  4. Thank you and congrats to you too! I'm glad I found this website it's very informative!
  5. Hello, that's great! So far how everything going with you and your planning? This Thursday I'm having my conference call with our wedding coordinator at the resort. I'm to trying to figure out if we should have a private reception or not? I look foward chatting with you too! Congrats also
  6. Thank you for the advice! I'm really excited and want everything to go well! I will Defintely check out on other forums. Are you having a private reception and getting a DJ?
  7. Is there any tips anyone can gave about having a wedding at beaches Negril? I have my consultation with our wedding coordinator at the resort this Thursday. And I'm looking for tips and suggestions I use when speaking with her...
  8. Ms Savy Bride


    Hi ladies, My name is Natalie and I am new to this website! We having our DW at Beaches Resort at Negril, Jamacia on May 18th, 2013 at 2pm. We are very excited about our special day! I am glad I came across this website that caters to brides who are having a DW.
  9. Hello brides to be, My name is Natalie Peavie and our wedding location at Beaches Resort, at Negril, Jamacia. Our date is May 18th, 2013 at 2pm.I am very excited that I found this website to discuss with other DWB about planning and other fun wedding stuff!
  10. Hello Ladies, I am a May 2013 bride. I've been enagaged for two years now! It's been an long road so far! I am very excited! I hope to find some great things and inspirations I haven't came acorss yet! What type of wedding planning have anyone done so far?
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