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  1. I value photography as a visual expression of life. Our wedding will be a sacred event in our lives that we will cherish forever. Selecting a destination wedding is exciting but it also comes with some remorse. My fiancé and I both have elderly family members that will not be able to travel the distance because of their health. Photography is important to me because it is a means of sharing our special day with these love ones. My 84 y/o grandmother has made me promise that I will have lots of pictures to share with her. She told me that she wants to see our wedding from beginning to end and the art of photography will allow me to fulfill her wish. The pictures taken at our wedding will become a part our history. When we have children we will be able to pass this part of our lives on to them and they will do the same generation after generation.
  2. Hello Ms. Savy Bride - I had my planning call with Chloe in July. She addressed all the items on the wedding planning sheet. I was able to ask questions and of course I thought of tons of questions after the call. I just sent them to my TA and she emailed them to Chloe. My call took about 30 minutes.
  3. Hello Natalie, I am a Beaches Negril bride also. My wedding is June 10, 2013. Welcome to the forum, I look forward to chatting with you.
  4. Hello Masha, I have reserved my rooms and our wedding is June 10th. We are now patiently waiting on our guest to make reservations.
  5. Our wedding is June 10th. We originally selected a date in April but the resort made an error in our contract. Our guest would of only been able to stay 3 nights and with the sister resort closing Beaches Negril did not have any additional days available during the week we selected. We changed it to June and our guest will be able to select up to 6 nights. I was really worried about the depth of the water for the catamaran because we are keeping it as a surprise reception for our guest.
  6. Hello Masha, I was able to chat with a bride that recently did the catamaran cruise for her reception. She said it is out in the water but the resort uses a dingy to transport you over to the catamaran. I think it's about calf to knee high water from what she described. When I had my wedding planning call Chole mentioned that it would be about 2 feet of water. I see you are a June 2013 bride also...what date?
  7. Hello Jenny, ..when I had my wedding planning call they mentioned that bringing items may be a problem. I have been searching for posts to see if any other DW brides had problems with flowers or wedding favors.
  8. Hello - I am getting married June 2013 in Jamaica. I considered doing welcome bags but have been hearing conflicting information regarding customs.
  9. Hello - I am a June 2013 Beaches Negril bride. I am new to the forum and very excited to communicate with all the brides to be!
  10. Hello Natalie - I am a June 2013 bride at Beaches Negril. Have you had your wedding planning call?
  11. Awesome photos! I see you had fans in the chairs. Did you bring your own or purchase them from Beaches?
  12. Hello - I thought about bringing silk flowers as well. During our wedding planning call they mentioned that customs may these items. Have you seen any other reviews regarding taking items along. Also you doing any wedding favors?
  13. Hello - I am a Beaches Negril bride also. Originally booked for April 2013 and we ran into a problem with our contract. Had to change our date to June 2013 to ensure the resort had availability.
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