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  1. Well, I initially wanted to order a satin dress but I had the same fears. I did see some pictures of their Premium Grade Satin fabric though and it looked good (Just not as heavy looking as the original dress I was looking to replicate) and I just wasn't willing to dish out the extra cash for the Designer grade fabric since I couldnt tell much of a difference from the pictures I saw. But wow, what dress are you ordering? Just wondering if its a very complicated dress cause the price is quite high. (I.e if it has a lot of beading and embroidery/embellishments and detailed work) Maybe if you could post a picture of your inspiration dress? That might help us understand why they quoted 750 for premium. I ordered Pronovias Jalea and I am paying 370ish including shipping. P.S. I have been communicating with Lisa so far and she has been great. And oh, they sent a mail apologising for the mix-up with the extra $30 for dhl...that its a new policy that was introduced "after" I had placed my order and wont apply to me. Yippee. You can check these links for pictures of their satin work. Premium Grade Fabric and Craftmanship: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.181398125319117.40496.121989811259949&type=3 and http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.161245887334341.35529.121989811259949&type=3 and http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.182683958523867.40820.121989811259949&type=3 and http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.176408829151380.39206.121989811259949&type=3 Designer Grade Fabric/Premium Craftmanship: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.207123249413271.46961.121989811259949&type=3 and http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.176108962514700.39129.121989811259949&type=3 Hope this helps.
  2. Hi Sarah, A lot of brides (including me) have worked with Jasmines and had great experiences + Great dresses. They are pricier than other Knock-Off dress makers but I felt more confident going with them because their error margin is very low compared to the other cheaper dressmakers, and they keep to the time schedule. It also helped that they have a blog and a facebook page where photos of their actual work is posted. They are currently putting finishing touches on my dress but you can check my profile to see mid-production pictures. (Gotten some newer pictures but havnt gotten around to posting them yet). So the PROS of going with Jasmines Better Quality Commitment to Promises Great Customer Service Production Photos of your dress will be sent to you for confirmation Great communication (I give them a 5star here) Photographs of Similar dresses on their blog and facebook page You pay half the price of the dress to commence production and pay the other half when you are satisfied with the final product. etc etc. CONS Higher price than the average Chinese Knock-off dressmaker. They WILL charge you extra for any addition/changes you make after production has started (So put together all additional photographs and specifics you want in your dress before ordering) Personal Peeve - They are also charging me $30 extra to ship via DHL even though I specifically requested for that from the onset and they never mentioned any additional surcharges. Now my dress is ready, they drop the extra charge on me. That's all I can think of for now. Hope this helps. Preye
  3. Ok I posted the links but the post is bn held for moderation. But its jasminesbridalshop(dot)com and they have a blog which u can visit from the link at the bottom of their webpage or by adding /blog to the web address above. U can also do a search on facebook for Jasmines Bridal Shop. They post real pictures of their dresses on the blog and facebook page and that gave me the confidence (as well as the lovely dresses posted here by other brides) to order from them.
  4. Hi Sam, Jasmines is making it. Their website is http://www.jasminesbridalshop.com/ and they have a blog where they posted real dress pictures. Here it is: http://www.jasminesbridalshop.com/blog/ Oh and a facebook page as well http://www.facebook.com/pages/Jasmines-Bridal-Shop/121989811259949 Lols. A lot of info I know, I did a lot of research before ordering as I have only one shot at this (Wedding is in Nov). Hope this helps
  5. Whew...I give up (For now ). But I have uploaded some pics on my profile so anyone interested can view them on there.
  6. KoralK

    My Dress - Pronovias Jalea

    Jasmine's Knock-off of the Pronovias Jalea
  7. Hi Ladies, I have been trying to post pics for a while but bn getting an error message. But I'll try again today. Fingers crossed it works this time
  8. Hello Ladies, just got the second set of pics from Jasmines and the dress is perfect now...I am asking them to proceed with the finishing touches. Expected Arrival date is October 1st. Super excited to see it live. (I posted pics of the first set of pics on page 471 or 472 but I think it got lost in the crowd cos it took a couple of days to get approval). Will post pics shortly if anyone is interested
  9. Yeah. That was another reason too. (FI"s outfit I mean) He is wearing a grey suite with a stark white shirt and my maid of honour is wearing blush...so I guess the white will turn out great (fingers crossed) Pics posted...I think its still been held seeing as I have been a lurker for months
  10. Ok Ladies, here are the pics. Well just a few. They sent tons of them Original Dress Jasmines Knock-off Original Dress Jasmines Knock-off I requested some changes and adjustments to the dress. Then I also met my tailor to take d shoulder/neckline measurements to ensure they get it right. see below. Besides all of that, I have asked them to increase the sleeve length by 3inches just to be sure. I think the elastic band used makes it "jump" and appear shorter. I'd rather have it too long I asked them to confirm that the sleeves will have slits like the original and Lisa says yes (the beading will also be included when all the details have been sorted) I noticed some pin marks on the right side of the bust region and raised this with Lisa as well. I think they use large pins hence the marks. All in all I am pretty happy with the dress so far. And very impressed with their response and customer support. I get to chat with Lisa (Jasmines Staff) on gtalk and she is always pleasant and supportive. That's about it. Long Post Oh yeah...dress cost about $361.11 including shipping and I made the 50% deposit/confirmed measurement July 14th. Got the pictures August 10th. They gave 11weeks as the timeline so they are very much on track I think. Looking forward to getting pics of the completed dress with the changes So what do you all think?
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