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  1. July 27th.. I was in a car accident in December and have been on prednisone ever since and I have gained 15.. Just finished my last pill so hopefully the weight will come off, if not.. Arrgg! But my invites are looking nice lol
  2. Oh wow, these are the best invites that I have seen yet.. I have already done the passport invites but I think I'm going to use the message bottles as well.. Thanks for the lovely idea
  3. Awwww! I feel bad for you! But I'm going to suggest this to you.. If you truly believe that your sister made plans to have her baby, then you should continue on with your wedding plans.. Listen to your husband to be.. Also, don't be jealous about the fact who gives your parents the first grand child, because all grand babies are special to their grand parents whether being first, middle or last.
  4. I think I'm going to stay away from the oot bag thingy.. Am already getting stressed about it.. But I love the idea.. I have decided to rent the La Baraza boat ride as a thank you for 3 hours. I will do this the night before everyone departs from the DR.
  5. Cherri, Your wedding will be legal if you marry in the DR. But like Missroxy explained tou, there will be some bumps and curves that will be in your way. If being married in the DR is really what you want to do then please do it. I'm sure that all will turn out for you. Missroxy, what are you lol going to do? Lol I have informed everyone one of my guest last summer not to have any plans on making babies until after the wedding lol.. At least she can witness the civil ceremony in your state.. Lol
  6. Well my fiancé asked the question, when will we celebrate our anniversary. ((((drum roll))) our anniversary will be the day that we marry legally. July 27th is the symbolic day in punta Cana and what we have decided to do is vacation to beautiful places on that day every year.. Kind of keeps the fire going lol
  7. Hi Cherri, My fiance and I will marry one month before the ceremony here in the states (NC). No one will ever know the difference but you and your husband, it will be much cheaper and safer. So instead of paying for a wedding (civil) you will then pay for and have a symbolic ceremony for friends and family members (it will cost us 20 dollars to get married at the local county court house). If you decide to have the Civil Ceremony in Punta Cana, ask the WC to give you the website that you need to go to for this information. This is one of the reasons why I am having the Symbolic verses Civil. Hope that this helps you out and good luck!
  8. gruposgrandbavaro@iberostar.com.. They are wonderful.. My WC name is Magdalena and she is great! The package that I have will cost me 1,600 for 15 people which include flowers for me and the groom, cake and dinner for 15 people, a trio or pianoist, a champagne Toast, chairs for the guest on the beach or in the flower garden and a few other things. So far I have 35 people attending so I am paying 12 bucks for each person over the 15 that is included in the package which will cost me an additional 300 buck. So right now I am under 2,000 dollars for my wedding. If you decide to have a private wedding meaning if you have 50 or more guest attending you will then pay an additional 1,000 to the cost.
  9. Wow! I was thinking about having a welcome cocktail on the boat but by reading everyone's comments and concerns, I have decided not to have it.. I hope that all works out for everyone.
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