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  1. Yes, I'm going to do the same. I was quoted $250-300 for the setup fee, which I think is pretty reasonable and with it.
  2. Is anyone bringing down their own decorations, and if so are you having the resort set them up or a personal friend, family member, etc?
  3. Oh!! I wasled to believe only one a day, but we are having a private reception on the beach that night. Maybe that's why they have me at 6 pm for my ceremony! Either way, its not a big deal...its still only two a day, way better than the bigger resorts
  4. Have you checked out tripadvisor.com?? You can see pics from actual travelers,not what the resort wants you to see. I found it really helpful on making my final decision. Hope it helps
  5. Looking to get info and bounce ideas off of fellow ABH Brides I'm getting married 5/10/2013.
  6. Im getting married May 2013 @ the ABH and im wondering if anyone knows about the hotels policy on bringing in your own decorations/ centerpieces, etc?
  7. Im getting married at AB as well!! We are getting married May 2013...and the one a day wedding is definitely true!
  8. This info is all so great!! thank you! Im getting married there 5/10/2013, and am very excited! I just cant believe how they really nickle and dime you, still cheaper to get married there than where i live though I am thinking about bringing my own centerpiece supplies since the one i want thru Lomas was $165...for pretty basic centerpiece...any thoughts?
  9. Hi! Just wondering did you have to pay an extra outside vendor fee to use them??
  10. Hi! I am getting married at the Azul Beach Hotel next May, do you have any advice, tips, words of wisdom regarding your experience @ the ABH? I wasnt too impressed with the "vendor approved" DJ or photographer...any info would really help Thanks!
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