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  1. If you have the time to travel, the waterfall in Samana called salto del limon is gorgeous!
  2. Maybe a cooking class? The ladies can learn how to make a 3 course traditional Mexican meal.
  3. I didn't get married in Hawaii, but a friend did. She got married at JW Marriot Ihilani Ko Olina Resort and Spa and it was beautiful. Good luck!
  4. Maybe you can ask your fiance to deal with his mother. I know when we were planning and I needed to communicate with my mother-in-law, I got my husband to talk to her because he knows her best and I wouldn't risk offending her. She'd never get mad at her own son! As for the friend bringing a guest, maybe your friend can just invite a vacation buddy who will not be attending your wedding festivities so you wouldn't have to pay for the extra meal. Just let her know you are on a budget and you won't want a stranger in your wedding photos. If she is a good friend, she will understand that you are compromising. Good luck!
  5. LOVE all your photos, especially the last sunset one! You are a gorgeous bride. Congratulations!
  6. Love your logo. How nice of you to be considerate of people reusing the items. They will not go to waste. Great ideas!
  7. Such an elegant dress. Good choice! It's always good to have a backup so it turned out great now that you have the Vera Wang!
  8. We did the shoe game at our engagement dinner. It was so much fun. My husband got one of the answers wrong and everybody laughed so hard!
  9. We just invited family and a handful of friends. For my side, I had to "gently" remind everybody by phone to book or else prices will go up. For my husband's side, I made him do the same. We even sent a mass email to everybody to let them know flights are filling up fast and to remind them to book. Nobody got offended (that I know of) because we're just dealing with family and our best friends. The mailchimp idea sounds great too. Good luck!
  10. Have you considered something like champagne and dessert reception? Will be easier to make ahead and freeze, than making hot food to feed 100+ the night before plus preparations for the day of. Desserts are also less cleaning up after.
  11. We had our AHR a week after our wedding. We didn't have any of our pro pictures to show at the reception, but we made a slideshow of some non pro pictures to show our guests during dinner. I'd say have the AHR sooner rather than later. I can't tell you how relieved we were that we were finally back to normal and don't have to deal with our wedding anymore!
  12. I would rather be in Mexico right now instead of freezing in Toronto! I will be going to Playa del Carmen in less than 3 weeks though, so I have something to look forward to!
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