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  1. That's a great idea! I'm sure my shoes will come off eventually during the reception too! But like you...I needed height next to my FI and I just don't feel comfortable barefooted for my ceremony.
  2. Very cute! How simple but yet that small touch makes a big difference! Looks great! Will you be wearing those on the beach and at your reception? I picked out wedge shoes too for the simple fact of being able to walk in the sand and not sinking down but yet wanted the height to keep my dress from dragging...and also being able to keep the same shoes on all day.
  3. If anyone is looking for a inexpensive pair of barefoot sandals...they sell them at A.C Moore for $6.99 and come in 3 sizes...S (5-6), M (7-8), and L (9-10). They are really cute! I bought my entire wedding party a pair. A.C. Moore always has weekly coupons 40-50% off one item...so I ended up getting each pair for $3.50!!! It was a super deal! You can't even make them for that price!
  4. Thank you! I'm actually not the creative type, honestly. It really wasn't that hard. And once you get the hang of it...it's fairly easy. My last one (flower girl) definitely turned out better than my first one.So the more you do...the easier they get. It was alot of fun to do!
  5. That looks great! I have my flower girl's hanger left to do...so you gave me a guide to follow! Thanks!
  6. That's a good idea! Maybe I can hand them out at my shower! Yes...I did see the ones that wrapped around the hanger too. Those look like they'd be so much easier to do...but not sure they look as nice. Something to think about tho!
  7. Thanks! I'm going to try doing it straight with my next one. I'm also going to use super glue as something different. I read somewhere that they used super glue and it was extremely secure. I want extra reassurance it's not going to bend or come out during our travels to Jamaica. I haven't decided how I'm going to pack 7 of these hangers in my suitcase. That's going to be another thing to think about.
  8. I have another question about inserting the wire.... Do you guys bend the wire in an "L" shape into the hole...so when it's coming straight out from the name...you bend it upwards into the hole (about 1/4 inch) or do you insert it straight into the wood? I ended up bending mine upwards like an L in order for it to stay in. Again...not sure if that's correct or not. But I woke this morning and the hanger is still secure...so it must work ok.
  9. Oh wow! Can tell I wrote this half asleep...I meant "wood" glue! Geesh...it's time for bed! lol!!
  10. Yes...you were right! The holes were too big! I changed the size of the drill bit to the smallest one...and it worked! Thank you so much! I love the way it came out! Now I'm going to attempt the rest in my bridal party. I was trying to decide if I should put their first names or their title (ie: Maid of Honor). I was leaning towards their first names cuz then they could use them forever. But I also like to make it seem special for a wedding...which is what it is. Decisions, decisions!
  11. The tutorial was extremely helpful I must say! I would never had attempted making mine if I didn't see this tutorial! Thank you so much! I do have a question though...I got all the way to the end where you stick the wire into the drilled holes...I put would glue in there...and they wouldn't stay in! Is there a trick to getting them to stay? I ended up giving up and wrapping each end around the hanger..and I might add a flower over it to cover it up...but I'd much rather do it the right way. I'm wondering if the holes were drilled a little too big? I'm going to give it another whirl. Any tips on drilling, placement of holes, inserting wire would be appreciated. Thanks!
  12. Those of you that are wearing high heels...are you getting married in the sand or like in a wedding gazebo? I would love to wear high heels because there are so many HOT blingy shoes to choose from...especially the ones you guys posted here...but I'm leery of the sand..and sinking! or worse...tripping!
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