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  1. I went back and forth on this one. I wanted to do something out of the norm. My parents are paying for the entire wedding so I wanted to do something tailored to them. I purchased them a romance package weekend stay (champagne, chocolate covered strawberries, dinner, breakfast, etc) at a lake resort/spa that's about two hours from their house. They're actually going this weekend. When I told them that this was my gift to them to say 'thanks for giving me the wedding of my dreams' they both were happily surprised. I'm also going to write individual letters and put them inside greeting cards and give them to my mom and dad on the actual wedding day.
  2. Are you girls putting fans in the guest's chairs for the wedding ceremony? I wanted to take a poll before I decided whether or not to purchase them? I'm wondering if they'll even use them and/or if they're necessary since it's usually windy right by the beach...Anyways, thanks ladies for any advice!
  3. Rola....hey doll! I feel your pain about the guests booking...I know my family is driving Jackline nutzo!
  4. Thanks so much for letting me know about the planning dox! I'm going to email Jennifer right now!!!! Oh yeah, we originally thought we'd have 60 ppl and now it's looking like 30-35...makes my job a little simpler! On another note is that your ring in the background of the STD pic? If so, mine is a double halo too:)
  5. Perla quoted me $80 for the centerpiece and $10-20 for vot Hey there! Perla quoted me $80 for the centerpiece and $10-20 for votives...I already have to bring my place cards, menus, program fans, cake topper, monogram aisle runner, guest favors, monogram cake cutter/server and flute set, and unity sand set...so I really didn't wanna have to lug centerpieces too! I priced the centerpiece here at hobby lobby (it was approximately $50 for imitation Calla Lillie's and the tall square vase at Hobby Lobby/Michael's), plus another $10 or so per table for glass votives. To me it just makes more sense to let Aqualiminia handle it (and real flowers look a lot better LOL). Hope this helps! P.S. has anyone had their phone conference/meeting with their wedding coordinator in Miami (mine's set for 2/20)...any tips or insight would be greatly appreciated!
  6. We chose this centerpiece along with votive candles for each table...it's right at $100 per table.
  7. We're doing individual guest advice cards (with our name and wedding date personalized), placed in front of each guests plate. Then have a dropbox near the cake table. Later on I plan to put them all in a guest book...this eliminates having to lug a guest book on the plane lol!
  8. Yeah we're doing the symbolic ceremony too. We're getting married 5/16 in mexico and plan on getting the license here in the states a monty before (b/c we don't want to have any issues)...here in Texas you have to get the license first, then make an appointment to get married in front of a judge (to sign the license) within 30 days. Though as a side-bar, we will only recognize/celebrate the 5/16 date as our anniversary. Oh yeah, I don't think I'm going to legally change my last name on my license/passports/etc. until we come back from our honeymoon in June...
  9. What I've learned, thus far, is whether or not the resort is $500 or $5 a night, you'll always going to have complainers or those that can't afford it. This process has shown me who my true friends/family really are...quite surprising actually! It's frustrating when for years you bend over backwards for people (financially, time wise, etc.) and then they don't make you a priority for once! And I'm also surprised that some people are more excited than we are LOL!!! I've made the decision to not have a bridal party either (I want all of the attention a:D) because I didn't want anyone to feel forced to come or to come out of pocket for anything other than traveling/accommodations for the wedding itself. At the end of the day this is your wedding, and therefore your vision. I decided to use a travel agent (and might I add, she is fabulous!!!!) so that my guests can break the trip up into installments. In addition, once you reserve your group block, every five rooms paid gets you one free room. So for a few of our guests that really want to be there but they just can't afford it, their hotel stay will be covered and all they have to worry about is roundtrip airfare and airport transportation. As it stands now we have 6 guests how've booked their trip through Expedia and 24 have booked through our travel agent; we're hoping for no more than 40. Remember it's your day! Hope this helps.
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