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  1. Hi everyone!! We got married about two months ago at the la esmerelda. I apologize in advance for not posting a review I have just been so busy with work. I plan on posting a full review in the next week or so. We had over 80 people attend and it was amazing! We did have a couple issues but it was definitely not enough to ruin the trip or the wedding! I expected to run into minor issues bc it's nearly impossible not to when planning a wedding for 80 people in a foreign country. All and all it was an amazing wedding that everyone is still talking about it. Be back in a week to post a full review.
  2. Hi , The Gabi club is actually not as small as it looks - you an easily fit 8 round tables (4 on each side) and dance floor in the middle. I am not fond of a dance floor on the sand either since it was just strange that guests had to walk out of dining room to get to dance floor. Being very honest, I dont think it will look right if you put tables on each side of the dining room either. I feel as though its too far from sweetheart table and takes away from the intimacy. Also thinking about how photos will if you set up seating that way.
  3. Thanks kk! I think I am finnally done with the ceromoney music- I'm going to time how long it takes to walk the gabi bridge the first day I get there and then just email my DJ the info. Still need a first song, but I still have 2 months for the wedding . By the way I was going to get the maracas personalized but it was way too expensive . I have over 70 people coming so spending $800 was crazy. I ended up ordering maracas from amols.com and I love them. Going to use hem for guest Seating and then my guests can use them throught out the night. In regards to the planning process with the wedding coordinators I have to stay they have been amazing!!!! I love love love Ana and Bianca and they have been great to work with . Ana was one of the reasons why I choose this resort . It's crazy to hear that some brides on here are having communication issues with the resort. I have to admit this resort is more expensive then a dreams riviera , but you get what you pay for. Dreams riviera is a wedding factory and It was so not for me.
  4. What is everyone doing for ceromoney music? I think I'm just going to use our DJ for ceromoney music since we are flying him out -I initially was getting a saxophonist but we are way over budget so now just cutting back on a few things lol!! I'm just worried about the timing of music since we don't know how long it will take the bridal party to walk across the gabi bridge - we are only going to be practicing the day before the wedding -
  5. Just emailed you the travel agent info let me know if you need anything else!! Hopefully it works out with the gazebo I can't believe they don't allow you to host the reception there anymore
  6. HI, Welcome!! I actually have not heard of them not allowing brides to use the gazebo for the reception-what I would think is that going forward they will be charging the brides to use that for a reception location just like you get charged to use the Gabi club for reception. In regards to the travel agent- you 100% should utilize one! Otherwise your guests will be emailing you with questions every day!!! Def get a travel agent whether you go with this resort or not. Two of us on here are using the same travel agent- I have to say she has been great! I dont have to deal with anything and she doesnt charge for her services since she is being paid out from the resort- So it doesnt hurt you at all!!! I can email you her info if you are interested..
  7. I chose same locations - I love the gabi club! I received an email the other day that I need to let them know what each of my guests will be choosing as reception entree (since we are giving them 2 options)- I guess I will just give an estimate? No way am I calling my guests to find out- what did you guys do?
  8. I still have no idea !! My bridesmaids are wearing blush pink colored dresses and my entire wedding is silver and white so thinking of putting him in either a grey suit or white linen suit ... Who knows. My fiance would kill me if I put him in a tuxedo bc he would be to hot - What about you
  9. Chelae- I actually have 60 adults booked and 10 kids. What I did was I told everyone that the I had a deadline of when they had to book or they would be subject to hire priced rooms! Some people got scared and booked immediately . Others are still taking their time but I am having my travel agent send an email to the last 10-13 people left and tell them that they must make a decision in the next week . Are you staying on the la esmerelda side? Doing a welcome party? I am trying to decide if I should have an after party at the red lounge? Or just extend the wedding for two hours? What are you doing?
  10. Jackline told me your group was super easy to deal with! She said my family really needs to make a decision ASAP and book bc I have 10 people who are still undecided!!! Lol -now that we are getting close to the date I really need to finalize details !!!! I still have no clue what I am doing with my hair ( it's so humid in may). Now I'm thinking of flying a DJ out so I can use for welcome party and wedding- I think it's cheaper just to bring your own. Plus I need Lebanese music played during the wedding and so I really have no choice but to bring my own DJ . Did anyone book the bridal suite to get ready in?. I saw a picture last night on resorts facebook page and it looks really nice!, did anyone visit the suite while they were out there.?
  11. Michelle - how many people do you have attending the wedding? We will be there the same week and Im sure will see each other constantly!! Have all of your guests booked? Its so hard to get everyone to book, I am still working on getting the last couple to book so I can stop stressing over guest count.. Btw- great invites!!
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