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  1. Hi, my reception will be at the portofino terrace as well!!! This looks very nice. Did you bring all of your Chinese lanterns? Didt they charge you for hanging them? I am trying to bring all of the things myself...I have chair bows and table runners, I am just wondering if they would charge an extra fee for these things. You looked beautiful, and very happy !!! Congrats
  2. When are you getting married? I get married on the 13th...
  3. Wow!!!......I am glad you noticed that, obviously I did not. My ceremony will be at the gazebo as well I am expecting about 30 :S I will have to contact my WC to see what she suggests
  4. Yadria, I did get to see your pics after....absolutely amazing! I loved your colors and your wedding seemed like a dream come true....everyone so happy!!! I pics were great. I am checking into the packages now. Have you heard of Carribean Emotions? I wondered what they are like in the customer relation department, there pics look great as well. All the best
  5. Thanks for all your help I will try and contact someone, to find out more info. I couldn't see your pics from the link
  6. My date is set for July 13 th 2013...... I think we are in the same situation. I am feeling a little overwhelmed. I want everything, but then when I analyze it , I decide against or on something different. My acids awesome though and understands
  7. What were the prices like for HDC.....? And how did the resort photos compare to HDC? I have photos booked with my package but was wondering about xtras....
  8. Do you really think it is a waste of money for a Dj? I was really thinking about booking one
  9. Where is the best (inexpensive ) place to shop for grooms wear and groomsmen wear for the beach?
  10. Hi everyone, I have just joined and think this is a great chance to get some ideas from other brides. I will be getting married here in July of 2013, but I have never been here. All and any helpful suggestions are welcomed. I am super excited and can't wait ....I have already changed my mind about things soo many times, first beach wedding, now gazebo, i think I will drive myself crazy before the wedding day.
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