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  1. i was wondering if anyone knows or has used a videographer for their wedding? Someone that is good but not so expensive.
  2. Check out Sandos Resort, cancun. Beautiful resort and its a great location which is in the Hotel zone. I am having my wedding there. Plus the wedding coordinator is awesome and responded too ALLLLLL my questions in a professional and timely matter. Hope this helps
  3. I was wondering if anyone knew any cheap but really good ttd photographers and videographers?? in Cancun, Mexico.
  4. I hired Victor Herrera photography. I picked Sara and i wanted to know if any one used Sara before for their wedding?? if so can you please tell me how her services was and how your pictures turned out???
  5. I was wondering if anyone can please recommend any good florist in Cancun. And possibly a wedding decorator that can help decorate a huppa and can possibly provide one too???
  6. I was wondering if anyone got married at the Sandos resort? I wanted to know how their DJ, Florist, and their food?